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Car park waterproofing, surfacing, coating, marking and repair systems

Triflex provide high quality, durable car park waterproofing, surfacing and coating systems

Waterproofing, surfacing and protection solutions are essential in extending car park life and maintaining the value of the owners' investments. The majority of car park owners now recognise that in addition to being a functional structure for parking cars, their car parks also have a direct influence on a users' perception and can influence factors such as repeat use and increasing footfall.

Creative car parks

Triflex launched the Creative car park concept more than 15 years ago to allow the introduction of colour and design to what are often neglected areas. The concept has revolutionised thinking by offering superior quality car park waterproofing, surfacing and protection solutions combined with unrivalled opportunities for creativity in design.

For more than 30 years, Triflex has specialised in providing the highest quality car park waterproofing, surfacing and protection, marking and repair systems. Recognised throughout Europe as the industry leader, Triflex offers a dedicated range of cold liquid applied solutions for:

  • External car park deck waterproofing
  • External car park ramp waterproofing
  • Internal car park deck waterproofing
  • Internal car park ramp waterproofing
  • Car park deck waterproofing over occupied premises
  • Car park ramp waterproofing over occupied premises
  • Underground car park waterproofing
  • Service deck waterproofing
  • Car park repair systems
  • Car park coating systems
  • Car park marking systems

Triflex utilise the most modern technologies and polymer chemistry to offer unsurpassed levels of performance, and our car park waterproofing and coating systems have been installed in some of the busiest, highest space change rate car parks in the UK and Europe, including shopping centres, supermarkets and airports.

We offer a range of waterproofing solutions for car park decks, car park ramps, service decks and underground car parks