Scandinavian Village, Aviemore

A new waterproofing system to overly the existing Triflex ProFloor at holiday homes in Scotland.
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An updated waterproofing system was required to overly an existing Triflex system in walkways and stairwells at the holidays homes in Scandinavian Village in Aviemore, Scotland. After 15 years of enduring heavy footfall during the winter and summer months, the previous Triflex system had outlived it’s lifespan and needed to be refreshed and restored. The current anti-slip finishing started to weather, which is not unusual for a system of that age however it could put holiday guests at risk. For the client, it was vital the new Triflex waterproofing system needed a strong quartz surface.
Authorised Contractor
Fraser Bruce Group

The challenge

Scandinavian Village

Scandinavian Village, Aviemore is situated in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland amongst the outstanding rugged mountains, heather-clad fields and fascinating lochs. Scandinavian Village consists of 66 attractive holiday homes with terraces and patios overlooking the stunning views of the Cairngorms.

In June 2019, Triflex were invited to provide a project specification proposal to refurbish the existing on walkways and balconies at the time share properties. The current walkways and stairwells were slightly worn due to the high volume of traffic during peak seasons. The construction consisted of a concrete deck which had previously been waterproofed using Triflex materials 15 years prior, the waterproofing system was coming to the end of its serviceable life and the client wanted it refreshing with a new aesthetically pleasing finish.

Triflex Field Technicians conducted on-site testing to determine the correct waterproofing solution. An adhesive / cohesive strength test was carried out as well as several peel adhesion tests.

The client required a rapid installation during the cold and wet winter months. Timescales were tight as the village was due to be closed for only 10 days to allow for maintenance.

The solution

Triflex ProFloor

The results of the test revealed that Triflex ProFloor with Quartz Design finish would achieve the required exceptional long-life span and provide the desired anti-skid surface. Triflex ProFloor is based on PMMA resin technology and is a partially reinforced system designed for use on cantilevered structures and those over unoccupied areas.

Triflex PMMA resins are fully compatible with other Triflex PMMA systems, curing to form an exceptionally strong bond with very little preparation. The installer from Fraser Bruce Group simply had to clean the existing Triflex material with Triflex cleaner before the substrate was ready to be overlaid.

Where cementitious and metal substrates were found they needed to be primed with Triflex Cryl Primer 287 and Triflex Metal Primer respectively.

Using Triflex materials to overlay the existing outdated Triflex waterproofing system reduced the labour being required, there was little preparation and no expense of removing the old materials. This ensured the programme progressed rapidly and kept the overall costs down.

Triflex Reinforcement Fleece was utilised in local areas that suffered from cracks and defects to reinforce the waterproofing membrane. The system is hydrolysis resistant and will not be break down when subjected to standing water. With the installation taking place during November and December, cold weather could be an issue for competing systems. However, Triflex ProFloor can cure to allow for overcoating or trafficking in temperatures down 0°C in just 1 hour.

This system has 4 finish variants which offer different textures and surface finishes, allowing the client to tailor the finish to fit branding or other aesthetic needs. In this instance, Quartz Design with large grain quartz was used as an anti-skid surface to minimise slips and trips, protecting pedestrians from hazards. Triflex Cryl Finish 205 was selected and a colour that matched the rest of the resorts walkways was chosen for a neat and professional finish.

Since Triflex ProFloor is cold liquid applied and fast curing, Frase Bruce Group were able to progress with the project with minimal disruption and was successfully installed within the required time frame, refreshing the walkways and stairwells for the new holiday season and protecting the construction for years to come.

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