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Digital mixing instructions for 2-component Triflex PMMA waterproofing systems...

Select the relevant product, the ambient temperature range and the quantity. The Triflex Mixing Instructions app then tells you the amount of catalyst to add to the resin, as well as the pot life and cure time.

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The Triflex walkway, balcony and terrace studio

This tool allows owners, designers and specifiers the maximum design opportunities for their balcony, terrace or car park projects, Triflex waterproofing, surfacing and coating systems are available in a wide range of standard colour and finish options. In addition to these standard colours, Triflex provides the options for manufacturing bespoke colours, with colour matching to corporate colour scheme/logos/samples and to other colour schemes including BS 4800, RAL and Pantone.

The online studio can be used to demonstrate the transformations that can be achieved with our systems by allowing standard colour and finish combinations to be tested on screen in an easy to use free tool.

Walkway, balcony and terrace studio

The design studio allows a surface colour and finish to be applied to example images on a variety of sample balcony and terrace images. Coloured joints with different design layouts can even be added to create a tiled effect based on Triflex CreativeDesign.

Walkway, balcony and terrace studio

Triflex car park studio

The design studio allows layouts to be applied to example images on a variety of sample car parks, including external car parks, internal car parks, underground car parks, connecting ramps and car park entrances/exits.

Once the desired colour and finish combination has been achieved, the images can be saved and printed for future reference.

In addition to the standard sample images, for a small fee, images from your actual balcony or terrace can be uploaded allowing you to tailor the design of the project.

Car park studio