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Liquid applied waterproofing for flat roofs, roof details and roof repairs

A roof waterproofing system must adapt to the conditions on the roof, offer maximum design possibilities and perform without compromise. To put it simply, it must remain watertight.

Triflex offer a wide range of BBA and ETA certified, seamless, cold liquid applied waterproofing, surfacing and coating systems for flat roof refurbishment, roof details and roof repairs. All our systems are based on the most advanced polymer chemistry and deliver both technical excellence and exceptional waterproofing integrity. Triflex flat roof coatings have advantages over all conventional and sheet applied materials and low quality, non-specialist liquid competition. By selecting Triflex cold liquid applied roof waterproofing technology, you are choosing proven solutions from a dependable partner you can trust.

Roof refurbishment

Triflex flat roof waterproofing systems are designed to be applied to almost any substrate or existing membrane installed on a roof. The properties of Triflex roof waterproofing systems allow the costs, risks, time and disruption with the removal of the existing roof coatings / membranes to be eliminated. Single ply overlay is a particular Triflex speciality.

Triflex flat roof waterproofing systems are suitable for roof refurbishment, particulary single ply overlay

New-build roofs

The majority of new-build roofs are waterproofed using sheet materials or low technology systems which offer a quick and inexpensive solution, but are prone to failure.

If the long term security of a roof is an issue, the roof is complex with high levels of plant and equipment, the roof is subject to high traffic loads, or future roof refurbishment will be difficult due to access restrictions, Triflex flat roof waterproofing systems offer a cost effective, long term solution which will add value to the structure.

Triflex flat roof waterproofing systems are ideal for new-build constructions

Roof details and roof repairs

In addition to typical problem areas such as gutters, as the roof environment becomes more congested with plant and equipment, penetrations may need to be made which will require secure waterproofing and sealing to the existing roof coatings or membranes. Roof repairs are also necessary from time to time when there is a small identifiable problem or localised damage to the existing roof construction.

Triflex roof waterproofing systems with their exceptional substrate compatibility and ability to deal with multiple substrates with different coefficients of expansion are specifically designed to solve these issues.

Triflex offer a range waterproofing systems for roof details and roof repairs