Triflex waterproofing systems for gutters

Triflex waterproofing for gutters

Triflex waterproofing solutions for gutters on roofs
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Drainage systems are an important consideration for any flat roof, terrace or balcony. Familiar forms include eaves gutters, roof outlets such as water shoots or hoppers, as well as internal drainage systems. In warm construction types, they can be part of the tapered insulation scheme too. 

There should be a smooth transition for water to flow into gutters and so they are often lined with the same materials or waterproofing membrane as found in the main horizontal areas. Flat roof construction should have a minimum fall of 1:40 to ensure a finished fall of 1:80 as per BS6229:2018. Guidance of gutter sizes, number and position are considered in guidance BS EN 12056-3.

As with all details, gutters and drainage channels are an area that can be problematic to waterproof with complex forms. With liquid applied waterproofing Triflex ProDetail, reinforced waterproofing of gutters, box gutters and drainage channels is easy to achieve whatever the construction, type or locality. The PMMA liquid solution is inherently hydrolysis resistant meaning that it will not break down in water. This makes it the perfect choice for waterproofing gutters to provide long term protection without the need for sacrificial layers.

BBA certified Triflex ProDetail can be used on its own or in combination with other Triflex waterproofing systems, or with other waterproofing technologies. Its compatible with virtually every substrate, and is self terminating providing a simple and effective solution.

Triflex waterproofing system for gutters

Triflex waterproofing for gutters, Triflex ProDetail build-up image

Triflex ProDetail: The BBA and ETA certified Triflex ProDetail is the proven, reliable solution for the fast and easy seamless waterproofing of virtually all details, including upstands, gutters, cut edge corrosion and roof penetrations.

The fully reinforced system is ultra fast curing, even at temperatures down to -5°C, allowing installation to be carried out all year round in a simple, single process application.

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