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Triflex Academy

Triflex Training

Our national network of Authorised Installers are given the training, support and expert advice needed to deliver the highest standard of installation that we are proud to put our name to.

Our installer base ranges from smaller companies with extensive local knowledge to larger and main contractors, who have the experience, expertise and resources to complete any scale of project.

Every installer has to complete a Triflex Training Course either at the Triflex Academy or on-site. Courses can be tailored to meet specific requirements, with refresher courses available for those who have not installed Triflex within a given period of time or have specific project requirements. We aim to build strong working relationships with all Authorised Installers, recognising just how essential the quality and experience of the Authorised Installer is to ensure the success of the overall project.

Apply to become a Triflex Authorised Installer

Interested in the benefits of being a Triflex Authorised Installer? We simply require you to complete our application form and your local Business Development Manager will be in touch to help you to progress your application.

Apply to become a Triflex Authorised Installer
Triflex Authorised Installer Training

Course agenda

All Triflex Training programmes will cover the following topics, specific topics will be covered depending on selected programme:

  • Introduction to Triflex
  • Preparation
  • Priming
  • Repairs and filling
  • Detail waterproofing solutions


  • Roof waterproofing solutions
  • Roof finish options

Walkways, balconies and terraces:

  • Walkway balcony and terrace solutions
  • Walkway balcony and terrace finish options

Car parks:

  • Reinforced overbanding
  • Car park solutions
  • Surfacing and marking solutions
  • Concrete repair solutions


  • Wind turbine base solutions