Meaningful warranties for total peace of mind

It’s because Triflex systems are thoroughly proven, tested to the highest standards and demonstrate exceptional reliability in service that we are able to offer meaningful, long term warranties and guarantees for both our systems and stand-alone materials.

Ultimately, Triflex has perhaps the best reputation of any liquid plastics solution provider for solving the most difficult waterproofing, surfacing and protection problems – we provide robust, engineered solutions which last.

Long-term warranties, backed by insurance

At Triflex we offer meaningful warranties, backed by insurance. Triflex are part of the global Follmann Chemie Group, a 100% family owned group of companies employing more than 900 people, with a turnover of over 250 million Euros and a long, secure history having operated in the industry for over 40 years. Even though Follmann Chemie and Triflex are exceptionally financially secure, as a prudent company we ensure that we carry the highest levels of insurance with strong and financially stable insurers.

Triflex insures via Allianz SE which is rated as follows for financial strength:

Standard & Poor
AA | stable outlook
(affirmed 12/21/2018)

Aa3 | stable outlook
(affirmed 04/24/2018)

A.M. Best
A+ | stable outlook
(affirmed 08/30/2018)

Triflex is insured for public and products liability with Allianz for 10 million Euros for each and every claim and 20 million Euros in aggregate.

With Triflex you can rest assured that our systems and solutions are not only guaranteed for the long term but are backed by reputable insurance to give peace of mind for years to come.

Who is eligible to receive a Triflex warranty?

Triflex warranties are for the benefit of the owners of the asset on which the products are used.

Where a Triflex warranty or guarantee is not required for the ultimate owner as this is being provided by the contractor we can also guarantee our products to the Triflex Authorised Contractor who installs the materials.

What types of warranty do Triflex offer?


This type of warranty is basically an assurance from Triflex to the owner that should issues arise regarding the watertightness of the system supplied, Triflex will reinstate the works to a watertight condition at no expense to the owner.

In essence, this is for roofing and buried waterproofing systems and covers against failure of the system to remain waterproof / watertight. The warranty is provided at no cost to the owner and unlike many warranties does not require periodic inspections as a pre-condition.


This type of warranty is a guarantee from Triflex to the owner or in some cases to the installing contractor against failure of the materials supplied.

Materials warranties are typically applied to trafficked waterproofing and surfacing systems and to stand alone solutions such as marking and infrastructure products.

Triflex materials warranties are also provided at no cost to the owner or contractor and again unlike many warranties do not require periodic inspections as a pre-condition.


Other forms of warranty, including warranties linked to Insurance Backed Guarantees (IBG) to cover the solvency of the parties to the warranty, can be offered on request.

How can a Triflex warranty be requested?

A Triflex warranty or guarantee can only be requested by the Triflex Authorised Contracting Partner who installed the system or product via our quick and easy to use online warranty application form.

Apply for a Triflex Warranty

Further questions?

If you have any further questions regarding our warranties, please get in touch with our Customer Services Team.