Water Industry

Cold liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing solutions for the water industry
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Water Industry Application

Special conditions require resilient solutions

The physical integrity of structures within the water industry depends largely upon the protection of steel reinforcement from corrosion, and the prevention of erosion of concrete due to chemicals and abrasion. Structures such as service reservoirs and water towers are significant assets and require effective waterproofing and maintenance for them to remain in full working condition.

At Triflex we have the systems and solutions that can help to protect these valuable assets for the long term. With systems ideally suited to protecting the main waterproofing areas and details, no matter how intricate, and on nearly every type of substrate*.

*Triflex systems have been tested and proven to perform on over 7,000 substrates
Water Industry Advantages

Advantages at a glance

  • Durable, long term structural protection
  • Resistant to degradation from water (hydrolosis resistant)
  • Cold liquid applied – no need for hot works during application
  • Rapid curing in as little as just 45 minutes, even at low temperatures
  • Can be applied at any time of year and there is no need to close down your facilities
  • Solvent and isocyanate free
  • Waterproof down to the smallest detail

Getting your waterproofing specification right

Many water industry buildings are built using concrete or steel which are susceptible to chemical attacks, joint leaks, cracks and surface corrosion. These common causes of failure are often due to the degradation of the existing waterproofing membrane. Triflex systems can be used to directly overlay materials such as asphalt, bitumen, metal, plastics and many others, eliminating the need for removal.

Our job is to make sure that you get the right solution. Our cold applied waterproofing and surfacing systems are based on extensive research and development, but helping you get the right answer is about far more than this. From day one of your project, we will work with you to get the specification that meets your needs. This involves:

  • Consultation. We will listen and work with you towards a solution right from the first enquiry
  • Survey. Our technical team will carry out a thorough on-site condition survey
  • Testing. If needed we will conduct core, adhesion, cohesive strength and other testing
  • Specification proposal. After evaluating your project, we will provide you with a comprehensive bespoke specification
  • Installation. We only work with our network of Triflex Authorised Installers to ensure the highest quality installation
  • Site support. We can provide on-site support and quality control if required
  • Warranty. Our solutions are underpinned by meaningful warranties backed by insurance
Water Industry Before and After

Safe year – round application

Triflex cold applied waterproofing and surfacing systems can be installed at any time of year and the curing process typically takes about 45 minutes regardless of the external temperature. The systems are totally safe, do not contain solvents or isocyanates and pose no fire risk. These properties allow works to be carried out all year round with minimal disruptions.

Solutions for a wide range of application areas

Triflex systems are compatible with over 7,000 different substrates including failed asphalt and concrete, allowing any existing membranes to be directly overlaid. This saves time with the removal of the existing membrane and waste removal.

Many Triflex systems accomodate crack bridging ensuring that high levels of movement and cracking within the structure and between substrates pose no concern.

Triflex is the ideal solution for a wide range of application areas within treatment plants such as sewers, screening channels, sedimentary tanks/clarifiers, biological tanks, filtration beds and reservoir roofs.

Water Industry

No need for ballast

Triflex systems are UV resistant and will not break down when exposed to direct sunlight. This eliminates any need for ballast, helping to reduce installation time and cost.

Solutions for pipes and detailed areas

Whether you require remedial works or waterproofing of a new installation, we can provide you with the right solution that’s waterproof down to the smallest detail.  Triflex ProDetail is a fully reinforced, seamless solution that is ideal for the fast and easy waterproofing of virtually all details, including upstands, gutters, pipes and penetrations. This system combines a unique highly flexible resin with a special high tensile strength polyester fleece which is proven to accommodate high levels of movement and cracking within different substrates.

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Project support

Triflex has a long standing relationship within the hospitality industry, delivering many successful roof, walkway, balcony, terrace and car park waterproofing and protection projects over the last 40 years.

Our aim at Triflex is to make your project as simple as possible, that's why we provide a package of completely free of charge services giving total peace of mind. We have a considerable working knowledge of the hospitality industry and our Technical Team can undertake a free, no obligation condition survey and provide a bespoke project specification. To find out more, simply get in touch.