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Waterproofing and surfacing solutions for hotels and hospitality

If a hotel’s facilities are not up to scratch then others will soon find out through TripAdvisor and other online review sites. Comfort and aesthetics are vital for an ongoing profitable business.

For both new build and repair and refurbishment, you need to have an effective long-term waterproofing and surfacing solution. An incorrect specification can result in water ingress or condensation build up which will damage the fabric of the building and the hotel’s reputation.

Simply ignoring the problem or opting for a cheap answer is an expensive mistake that could see the hotel go out of business. Let us help you get it right for the long term.


Advantages at a glance

  • Durable, long-term structural protection
  • Cold liquid applied – no fire risk during application
  • Rainproof after just 30 minutes, whatever the time of year and even at low temperatures
  • Can be applied at any time of year and there is no need to close
  • Available in a wide range of colours to help enhance the visitor’s experience
  • Can be applied over existing substrates – no need for skips or landfill
  • Solvent and isocyanate free

Getting your waterproofing specification right

Our job is to make sure that you get the right solution. Our cold applied waterproofing and surfacing systems are based on extensive research and development, but helping you get the right answer is about far more than this.

From day one of your project, we will work with you to get the specification that meets your needs. This involves:

  • Consultation. We will listen and work with you towards a solution right from the first enquiry
  • Survey. Our technical team will carry out a thorough on-site condition survey
  • Testing. If needed we will conduct core, adhesion, cohesive strength and other testing
  • Specification proposal. After evaluating your project, we will provide you with a comprehensive bespoke specification
  • Installation. We only work with our network of Triflex Authorised Installers and we can provide on-site support and quality control
  • Warranty. Our solutions are underpinned by meaningful warranties backed by insurance

Safe year-round application

Hotel owners simply cannot afford to close rooms or facilities. Every day that they remain closed is lost revenue.

Unlike traditional hot applied systems, such as asphalt, Triflex cold applied waterproofing and surfacing systems can be installed at any time of year. They are totally safe, do not use solvents and pose no fire risk. It means that new build properties can open faster and those in need of refurbishment can stay open while the work is completed.

The curing process typically takes about 45 minutes regardless of the external temperature and can be walked on after just an hour. Minimal pre-works are required, the waterproofing and surfacing system can be patched or applied straight over the top of the existing solution so there is no need for skips and nothing to take to landfill.

Whether it’s a roof, walkway or car park, we can supply a solution that causes minimum disruption for staff and customers.

Solutions for the entire hotel

Our solutions may be hidden to the hotel guest and staff but they can affect every aspect of their environment. From the car park, walkways and roof to the balcony that guests may enjoy a well-deserved drink on, Triflex has waterproofing and surfacing solutions that protect and enhance their environment. They are functional, durable, slip resistant and good looking.

Roofing solutions

For long term protection of new build and as a rapid, effective answer for repair and refurbishment, our roof and waterproofing systems provide the highest levels of certified protection.

Roofs on hotels are not only subjected to the weather all year round but host a vast number of services such as air conditioning units, cabling and ducting, plant equipment and PV panels. Supplying a waterproofing solution that can seal around even the smallest detail and be strong enough to take the regular foot traffic of maintenance teams for all these services is no mean task. And to help keep maintenance personnel safe rooftop service walkways can be introduced in contrasting colours with an anti-skid finish.

Our solutions are easy to apply using a roller or brush - so they really come into their own when waterproofing around complicated structures. And once they are applied they only take 45 minutes to cure and can be walked upon with an hour. They provide a durable, puncture proof and long-lasting solution on even the most complex of jobs.

Hotel roofs
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Walkway, balcony and terrace solutions

Walkways, balconies and terraces are an extension of the internal living environment and are an important part of a customer’s experience. Sitting outside with a cold beer or a glass of wine, guests want to be relaxed and comfortable.

Triflex systems are available in over 50 standard colours with the option of four surface finishes in different textures, so they can be tailored to your and the customer’s needs. You can also rest easy that you have supplied a waterproofing and surfacing solution that will provide long term protection, slip resistance and good looks.

Hotels walkways, balconies and terraces
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Car park solutions

First impressions count and a hotel’s car park could influence a guest’s opinion before they even set foot in reception. Evidence of damp, a slippery surface or poorly marked arrows or lanes will affect their opinion of a hotel’s facilities.

Car parks are subjected to high loads from vehicles and exposed to weathering, wear, mechanical damage and chemical attack. Over time this can lead to structural damage and failure. Owners or operators have a legal duty of care for the integrity and safety of the structure at all times.

By providing a wide range of high quality materials and an extensive colour range, Triflex will help make sure that the guests arrive safely and in the right frame of mind. Our heavy duty, waterproofing, surfacing and protection systems provide long term structural protection that maintains its appearance and skid resistance over time. Using Triflex systems can help to minimise accidents and improve a user’s safety and navigation.

Hotel car parks
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Project support

Triflex has a long standing relationship within the hospitality industry, delivering many successful roof, walkway, balcony, terrace and car park waterproofing and protection projects over the last 40 years.

Our aim at Triflex is to make your project as simple as possible, that's why we provide a package of completely free of charge services giving total peace of mind. We have a considerable working knowledge of the hospitality industry and our Technical Team can undertake a free, no obligation condition survey and provide a bespoke project specification. To find out more, simply get in touch.