Meadfoot beach chalets

Surfacing and protection in a harsh environment
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Following the construction of a new two-storey beach chalet complex at Meadfoot, Torquay. Triflex systems were utilised to waterproof, surface and protect the structure against the harsh coastal environment.
Meadfoot, Torquay
Authorised Contractor
Progressive Coatings Ltd.

The challenge

The challenge at Meadfoot beach chalets

For over 40 years, Meadfoot Beach has boasted over 60 wooden beach huts along its coastline. In 2013, a condition survey revealed that the ageing beach chalets had reached the end of their useful life and urgent extensive repairs would have been needed to bring them up to an acceptable standard; Torquay Council concluded that these repairs were uneconomical and took the decision to demolish and replace them with a new two-storey complex consisting of 133 chalets.

The structure of the walkway area of the chalet complex incorporated construction joints, sealed using a structural concrete, between pre-cast concrete panels. This area required a waterproofing and surfacing overlay solution that would protect the underlying structure against water ingress and other contaminants.

The solution

Meadfoot beach chalets following Triflex application

Triflex ProTerra, a cold liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing system, was specified to overlay the walkways. Available in a wide range of finishes, the client decided that Triflex Quartz Design with small grain quartz was ideally suited to the unique requirements of the project as it would minimise risks of slips when wet.

With Meadfoot beach being extremely popular with tourists during the summer months, the works had to be carried out over the colder, wetter and windier winter period. This along with the exposed coastal location of the project created a significant challenge for all parties involved. However, the exceptionally rapid cure times of Triflex ProTerra, even at temperatures as low as 0°C minimised the impact of these complications and helped to maximise the weather windows.

For Torquay Council, the health and safety of all visitors to the chalet complex has been and will always be paramount. The exceptional PTV (pendulum test value) values of Triflex ProTerra with Quartz Design have a high retention rate over time, representing a low chance of any slips, trips or falls.

The client had a wide choice of finish colours to choose from and finally opted to finish the system in Pebble Grey. As the system is UV stable, this colour will be sustained for the long term future of the site.


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