Residential Garden Terrace, Rainham

A residential garden terrace needed a waterproofing system with a creative finish.
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A private residential garden terrace needed a makeover as well as a new waterproofing system that would be the long-lasting solution for protection against water damage and UV exposure. The property owner was seeking a system that was able to withstand weathering and have an eye-catching, unique finish to match the theme of the garden terrace. For Triflex, this was a creative project with a simple solution using Triflex ProFloor and Triflex Creative Design.
Authorised Contractor
DH Liquids

The challenge

Triflex Creative Design

A property owner was seeking a new waterproofing system for their garden terrace but was very keen for a creative motif finish that would not deteriorate overtime. Over the last year, we have seen a trend in creative paving finishes which has included designs such as mosaic tiles and artistic stencils. One of the most common issues of these trends is that the paint used to design the finishing patterns is not suitable for exposure to weather over long periods of time meaning the paint cracks and peels with a few months. This can be costly and time consuming to rectify so ensuring you use the correct product containing waterproofing resins is vital to a long-lasting vibrant finish.

Triflex Authorised Contractor, DH Liquids wanted to present a specification to the property owner and to showcase their previous work using Triflex Creative Design and Triflex Waterproofing systems. DH Liquids saw this as an opportunity to display their skills and artwork using Triflex.

As well as the finishing design, the property owner wanted to overlay the existing concrete garden terrace with a new waterproofing system that was a hard wearing could withstand heavy loads such as furniture, providing protection to the substrate.

Triflex Creative Design

The solution

Triflex Creative Design

As the current garden terrace consisted of a concrete build up, tests revealed that the existing substrate could lead to water ingress with risk of mould. Triflex ProFloor was the solution to overlay the terrace and eliminate any future concerns over water damage. Triflex ProFloor is unaffected by ponding water and resistant to chlorides (salts), carbon dioxide ingress, and approved de-icing and cleaning products. This makes it the ideal system for a garden terrace that will be serve a long-life span and functionality. For peace of mind to the property owner, Triflex ProFloor can withstand the consistent weight and surfaces of patio furniture as well as footfall from residents meaning there will be no dipping in the surface.

For the finishing touches, Triflex Creative Design was chosen using the Triflex FloorTattoo owl motif. Triflex Creative Design is built using the same PPMA resin as Triflex ProFloor to ensure the pattern would not peel or crack under heavy usage from the residents as well as weather exposure. As easy to install as cold liquid waterproofing, Triflex Creative Design incorporates a self-adhesive sheet, which once removed reveals your surface design.

In total, the project was complete and fully functional within a few days and the property owner was satisfied with the bright and vibrant garden terrace.

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