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After completing surveys to the top floor walkways of an apartment block in Lancaster, results revealed that no waterproofing had been installed when the building had been refurbished from its original state as a bus depot. This had caused water ingress to the below apartments, which if left unresolved could cause detrimental damage to residents homes.
Kingsway, Lancaster
Authorised Contractor
Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd.

The challenge

The old bus depot before

In March 2017, Triflex were invited by Nigel Linger of Novus Property Solutions Ltd. to provide a project specification for a waterproofing and surfacing solution to the top floor walkways at the old bus depot, Lancaster. The building had been suffering from water ingress into the apartments below, and an urgent remedy was required.

After initial contact had been made, the Triflex Technical Team visited site to conduct a thorough on-site investigation. This included testing to the substrate on the top floor walkways.

The current walkways were constructed of a metal deck, infilled with concrete screed beneath concrete paving slabs. It became apparent that no waterproofing had been installed when the building had been refurbished from its original state as a bus depot into apartments.

This lack of waterproofing meant that the concrete screed had become sodden, causing water ingress and damage to the apartments below. Which in turn had led to damp and mould appearing on the walls.

Cohesive strength tests were conducted of the existing screed to determine the suitability for a direct overlay. Unfortunately, testing confirmed that the underlying screed had completely failed and therefore would require full removal and re-laying with new screed before Triflex could be installed.

The solution

the old bus depot after

Working alongside Triflex Authorised Contractors, Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd. Triflex were specified for the 250m² refurbishment at the Old Bus Depot, Lancaster, using our Triflex BBS balcony system. The system was selected thanks to its rapid cure time, as the walkways serviced a number of occupied apartments which would need to remain in service.

Initially, Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd. had to lay a new concrete screed deck, this was then overlaid using the Triflex ProTerra Buried system. Triflex ProTerra Buried is designed to be beneath coverings such as tiles, decking and artificial grass. In this instance, paving stones were the desired finish and were to be laid directly on top of the waterproofing system.

Triflex ProTerra Buried is compatible with a wide range of substrates and provided a tough, durable and fully bonded solution once the new concrete screed decks were laid. In addition, the hydrolysis resistance meant that it won’t break down in future if subjected to standing or ponding water. So any further issues with water ingress have been completely eliminated.

Due to the speed of cure, coupled with the seamless installation by Weatherproofing Advisors, the walkways were able to be fully waterproofed and reopened with minimum disruption to the tenants.

All too often roof coating systems or hybrids of roofing systems are specified for waterproofing / resurfacing balcony areas with little consideration for curing times, long term durability and performance.

Triflex is Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd. balcony waterproofing system of choice due to its long and successful track record, speed of cure regardless of temperature and overall tensile strength and durability.

Gareth Hourihane | Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd.


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