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Private home terrace refurbishment
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Triflex were contacted by a homeowner who had been suffering from water ingress that had stopped them from utilising their terrace. Due to the constant dampness of the terrace, algae and moss had developed over the winter months, making the areas very slippery.
Brighton, East Sussex
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Sussex Roofing and Building Services Ltd.

The challenge

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In September 2016, Triflex were contacted by a homeowner suffering from a water ingress problem that had been stopping them from utilising a 50m² habitable space under their sun terrace. The project in question was in relation to a privately owned 75m² terrace with a radial edge, which had not been used within the last 7 years due to high levels of standing and ponding water which was leading to water ingress.

The terrace perimeter guttering had been incorrectly installed which created a back fall onto the existing brickwork. This meant that the terrace was constantly saturated and vegetation growth was rife. The existing falls on the terrace were not adequate for the area and the balustrades had become hazardous due to the saturated substrate.

The existing substrates included a block and beam deck with a sand and cement screed. The finished build-up consisted of 32mm Indian sandstone slabs, bedding mortar and a damp proof membrane which had failed.

The solution

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Following extensive site surveying and testing by Triflex and Sussex Roofing and Building Services Ltd. the decision was taken to specify the Triflex ProTerra (BTS-P) system. Testing had revealed that it would be the best solution for the project, as it had excellent adhesion to all existing substrates while providing an optional 5 surface finishes with over 70 colour choices for the end client to choose from.

The existing system was completely removed back to the block and beam structural deck. A polymodified laid to falls screed was then applied to the substrate. This was utilised due to the reduced amount of water required in comparison to a standard sand and cement screed, allowing for a reduced overlay time for the Triflex system.

Triflex ProTerra is a BBA and ETA Certified system which is totally waterproof and is abrasion and impact resistant. It has been specifically designed to be used over occupied premises. The radial edge provided no cause for concern as Triflex ProTerra is cold liquid applied system which can form to meet any shape.

The client was initially in two minds when choosing between Triflex Stone Design and Triflex Quartz Design for the final surface finish. But with the Quartz Design finish being available with a wider selection of colour options, it provided the bespoke look the client was looking for.

Lastly the Triflex Triflex ProTerra solution meant that any future issues with standing or ponding water would be no cause for concern as this system is hydrolysis resistant, meaning it is not affected by submersion under water.

We are really pleased with the level of service and care that has been provided by Triflex.

Without their waterproofing solution it wouldn't of been possible to undergo the renovation of our basement area which we now hope to rent on Air B&B.


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