Triflex ProDrain

Specialist vented PMMA solution for saturated and contaminated substrates
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When a balcony, walkway or terrace has a saturated or contaminated substrate or features a failing buried membrane, it is not possible to successfully overlay these areas with a new waterproofing and surfacing system. In these instances, it is usually necessary to completely remove the existing substrate before refurbishment can begin, which is not only time consuming and costly but also causes disruption. This doesn't always need to be the case, we have developed a specialist solution which can directly overlay these areas without removal of the existing substrate.

Triflex ProDrain offers a safe, clean solution featuring a self-supporting isolating and venting sheet that enables the subsequent Triflex ProTerra waterproofing membrane and surfacing system to be applied over it. It is ultra fast curing and cold liquid applied, allowing installation to be completed quickly, without the use of hot works, and with minimal impact on users. Available in four unique surface finishes, the completed solution also looks good and allows you to completely tailor the colour, texture and finish of your project.

System highlights

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Ultimate refurbishment solution

With Triflex ProDrain there is no need for the time consuming and costly removal of the existing substrate, even when it is saturated, contaminated or cracked. The installation of the unique self-supporting decoupling membrane enables the subsequent Triflex ProTerra membrane waterproofing and surfacing system to be applied directly on top, and the thin layer build-up has minimal impact on thresholds. A safe, effective refurbishment solution that lasts.

Rapid installation fast curing icon 99 x 99

Fast curing and rapid installation

Traditional refurbishments can take weeks to complete and are susceptible to further water ingress when the existing substrate is removed. Fast curing and easy to install, the entire solution can be installed in just a few days, allowing a building to remain occupied during installation, limiting access restrictions and unnecessary disruptions to everyday life.

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Cold applied system

There is no risk from hot works during installaltion as all our materials are applied in a totally cold liquid form, curing to create a solution that lasts.

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Tough and durable protection

The demands of the walkway, balcony and terrace environment are no issue for Triflex ProDrain. The system is unaffected by ponding water and resistant to chlorides (salts), carbon dioxide ingress, and approved de-icing and cleaning products. Protection that's built to last, with a low lifecycle cost.

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Safety and environmental

Our solvent and isocyanate free resin technology has been assessed under BREEAM principles and can contribute to A+ ratings.

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Versatile design

Available in four surface finishes, choose the perfect colour, texture and finish for your project - refer to Triflex colour card.


Application areas

  • External walkways, balconies, terraces, pedestrian bridges and other pedestrian trafficked areas with saturated or contaminated substrates
  • External walkways, balconies, terraces, pedestrian bridges and other pedestrian trafficked areas with buried membranes

Compatible substrates

  • Cementitious substrates

Suitable constructions

  • Cast in situ concrete
  • Permanent formwork with in situ concrete
  • Precast concrete planks with or without structural topping
  • Precast double tee units with or without structural topping
  • Steel / galvanised steel / structural plastic / timber constructions
  • Insulated / warm deck build-ups

System build-up

Triflex ProDrain

Triflex ProDrain offers a safe, clean solution for saturated or contaminated substrates. Featuring a self-supporting isolating and venting sheet that enables the subsequent Triflex ProTerra waterproofing and surfacing system to be applied directly over it.
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Triflex ProTerra and Triflex ProTerra colour card

Finish colours

Triflex ProDrain is available with a wide range of finish options including Quartz Design, Colour Design, Chips Design and Stone Design and over 50 finish colours. The system can be tailored to meet aesthetic and project needs with special colours being produced to order.

For full details on the range of colours and finish options download the Triflex ProDrain colour card below.

Colour card

Require an on-site survey or quote?

All installations are carried out by our network of Triflex Authorised Contracting Partners. If you have a project we can provide a free no obligation on-site survey and can put you in touch with local Triflex contractors in your area that will be able to provide you with a quote.

To organise your free on-site survey you can either complete our project enquiry form or contact your local Business Development Manager, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Triflex Authorised Contracting Partners can place orders by calling 01785 819119 or emailing

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Creative Design

Create your very own personalised design for your balcony or terrace with Triflex Creative Design! At the heart of the system is a sheet which is affixed to the prepared floor and coloured. The sheet is then removed to reveal your surface design. From the classic tile pattern in various formats through to company and club logos or names.

Triflex Creative Design can be combined with classic finish colours, Triflex MicroChips and also Triflex Colour Design, so you have a multitude of creative options for coating your balcony floor.

Creative Design
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Fully certified to the highest UK and European standards and classifications, including:

BBA certified (Triflex ProTerra reinforced waterproofing membrane)

  • Durability: Under normal service conditions the system will have a service life of at least 15 years

ETAG 005 certified (Triflex ProTerra reinforced waterproofing membrane)

  • 25 year expected working life

Fire performance:

  • EN ISO-11925-2
  • EN ISO-9239-1
  • EN 13501-1

Root and rhizome resistant ( Triflex ProTerra reinforced waterproofing membrane)

  • FLL Certified: Root and rhizome resistant

NHBC accepted

Manufacturer certification

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management


System overview
Colour card

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