Triflex ProDrain technical details

Technical details

Triflex ProDrain

Triflex ProDrain offers a safe, clean solution for saturated or contaminated substrates. Featuring a self-supporting isolating and venting sheet that enables the subsequent Triflex ProTerra waterproofing and surfacing system to be applied directly over it.

System build-up


Decoupling membrane

DC-MAT Decoupling membane

DC-MAT Decoupling membane

Used in conjunction with Armatop MP

Adhesive: 3.00Kg/m²
Membrane: 1.00m²/m²
Overcoat / traffic: 1 hour

Product data sheet

ProDrain Fix

ProDrain Fix

Vapour permeable adhesive used to bond the Triflex DC-MAT decoupling membrane in the Triflex ProDrain system.

Able to withstand stress: 1-3 days
Consumption: 3.00Kgm/²

Product data sheet

Load distribution layer

Pox R 100

Product Pox R 100 Combi 8 Kg

Primer for cementitious and other substrates for Triflex ProThan

Overcoat / traffic: 12 hours
Consumption: 1.00Kg/m²

Aggregate: Quartz 0.3-0.6mm: 6.00Kg/m²

Product data sheet

Waterproofing and surfacing system

Available in four surface finishes - refer to relevant Triflex ProTerra system overview:

Triflex ProTerra and Triflex ProTerra colour card

Finish options

Triflex ProTerra Insulated is available with a wide range of finish options including Quartz DesignColour DesignChips Design and Stone Design and over 50 finish colours. The system can be tailored to meet aesthetic and project needs with special colours being produced to order.


System overview
Colour card

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