Triflex SmartTec

A virtually odourless single component STPE system, for use in sensitive environments and on damp substrates
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Triflex updated certification

Triflex SmartTec can be applied to numerous substrates without a primer, and with exceptional levels of vapour permeability, is particularly suitable for damp cementitious and other substrates. It is a simple, single component, virtually odourless reinforced waterproofing system for roofs and internal areas.

The winner of a German Innovation Award from the Design Council, the system can be used for everything from standard roofing and details to basement and foundation waterproofing. Being virtually odourless the system is also ideal for hospitals, nurseries, food processing and other sensitive areas.

System highlights

Waterproof porous substrates icon 99 x 99

Waterproofing of damp and porous substrates

The special characteristics of the Triflex SmartTec resin enable application onto damp mineral / cementitious substrates without the need to prime first. Once installed, the highly vapour-permeable system then allows the substrate to dry out over time. The system can even be applied direct to insulation including mineral wool and both extruded and expanded polystyrene.

Indoor outdoor icon 99 x 99

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The fact that Triflex SmartTec is virtually odourless makes it ideal for use in odour-sensitive areas, such as schools and hospitals. Triflex SmartTec is also the quick and easy solution for a wide range of internal waterproofing applications, including boiler rooms, bunds etc. and because Triflex SmartTec is both solvent and isocyanate-free there is no need for additional protective measures during application such as respirators or additional ventilation.

Waterproof icon 99 x 99

Cold applied, quickly rainproof with rapid installation

Triflex allows buildings to remain fully occupied during installation, limiting access restrictions and unnecessary disruptions to everyday activities. Being rainproof in just 60 minutes weather windows can be maximised and down time minimised. There is also no risk from hot works during installation as all Triflex materials are applied in a totally cold liquid form, curing to create a solution that lasts.

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Single process application

Installation time and costs are significantly reduced when compared to multi-coat, typically solvent based systems as the system is applied in a simple, single process, often without the requirement for a primer.

Fleece icon 99 x 99

Fully reinforced technology

The unique, highly flexible Triflex SmartTec resin is used with a special high tensile strength polyester fleece to ensure that high levels of movement and cracking within the structure and between substrates can be accommodated. Proven fully reinforced waterproofing technology that stands the test of time.

Waterproof smallest detail icon 99 x 99

Waterproof down to the smallest detail

The liquid applied waterproofing has a semi-thixotropic formulation which allows the resin to be applied to both flat and vertical surfaces.

SmartTec Grid

Application areas

  • Refurbishment
  • New build
  • Zero pitch / completely flat roofs
  • Warm roofs (all insulation types)
  • Inverted roofs
  • Podium / plaza decks
  • Buried membrane roofs
  • Submerged waterproofing
  • Blue roofs
  • Bunds / storage tanks / silos / plant rooms
  • Overlay of existing failed waterproofing systems

Compatible substrates

  • Felt
  • Asphalt
  • Bitumen
  • Single-ply membranes (e.g. PVC, PVC-P, EPDM, EVA, TPO, FPO, TPE, CPE, PIB, VET etc.)
  • Cementitious materials (concrete, brickwork, masonry)
  • Metals and coated metals
  • Plastics
  • Coatings
  • Glass
  • Timber

System build-up

Triflex SmartTec

Triflex SmartTec can be used for standard roofing and details to basement and foundation waterproofing. Being virtually odourless the system is ideal for hospitals, nurseries, food processing and other sensitive areas and is particularly suitable for damp cementitious and other substrates.
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Resin colours

Triflex SmartTec is available in multiple standard resin colours.

Triflex SmartTec colours
Colour card

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Certification and approvals

Triflex primary test logos

Full system certified, tested and approved to the highest UK and European standards and classifications, including:

  • BBA
  • ETAG 005
  • UKTA
  • FLL : Root and rhizome resistant
Tested to:
  • EN 13501-5 : Class BROOF (t4) 
  • EN 13501-1 : Class E
  • BS 476-3 : EXT.F.AA
VOC emissions:
  • Indoor Air Comfort® - Pass
  • Indoor Air Comfort GOLD® - Pass
  • BREEAM International - Compliant (GN22 v2.2: BREEAM Recognised Schemes for VOC Emissions from Building Products)
  • LEED v4 (outside U.S) – Compliant
Satisfies or contributes to satisfying:
  • NHBC Standards 2018

Note: Triflex RoofTec and Triflex SmartTec are different brands of the same product. For confirmation, the Triflex RoofTec BBA certificate refers to the Triflex SmartTec ETA certificate.

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