Triflex SmartTec technical details

Technical details

Triflex SmartTec

Triflex SmartTec can be used for standard roofing and details to basement and foundation waterproofing. Being virtually odourless the system is ideal for hospitals, nurseries, food processing and other sensitive areas and is particularly suitable for damp cementitious and other substrates.

System build-up

SmartTec standard build-up

Primers (if required)

Primer 610

Primer 610

Primer for single-ply membranes, liquid coatings and coated metals.   

Overcoat / traffic: 20 minutes
Consumption: 0.06L/m² min.

Product data sheet

Metal Primer

Metal Primers

Primer for metal substrates, also available as spray can.

Overcoat / traffic:
60 minutes using spray can
60 minutes using roller

Minimum 0.08 to 0.15 L/m²
Product data sheet

Than Primer 533

Product Than Primer 533 0.40L

Primer for PVC substrates for Triflex SmartTec systems

Overcoat / traffic: 20 minutes
Consumption: 0.10L/m² minimum

Product data sheet

Triflex Bitumen Blocker

Triflex Bitumen Blocker

Primer for Triflex SmartTec only for bituminous substrates to eliminate bitumen staining/bleeds.

Rainproof / overcoat: Approximately 4 hours
Consumption: 0.40Kg/m²

Product data sheet

Triflex TecGrip 620

Triflex TecGrip 620

Primer and adhesion promoter for use with Triflex SmartTec. This product can be used to pre-treat SmartTec layers where lapping to material that is 24 hours old and up to 100 days old.

Consumption: Approx. 0.10 L/m² on a smooth, even surface

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Reinforced waterproofing (single process)



Virtually odourless, solvent free waterproofing resin used with Triflex 110g Reinforcement.

Overcoat / traffic: 8 hours
Consumption: 3.00Kg/m² min.

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110g Reinforcement Fleece

Reinforcement fleece

Polyester fleece used with Triflex resins in Triflex fully and partially reinforced systems.

Resin colours

Triflex SmartTec is available in multiple standard resin colours.

Triflex SmartTec colours


System overview
Colour card

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