Triflex CeFix Screed 631

Fast drying screed for balconies and terraces
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Complete balcony, walkway, terrace and roofing projects sooner with Triflex CeFix Screed 631 which can be ready for a Triflex overlay in as little as 3 hours.

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Triflex CeFix Screed 631 is a rapid hydrating screed designed for use with Triflex cold liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing systems. Perfectly suited for creating a screed to falls, it’s easy to mix, easy to apply and ready for overlay with a Triflex solution after a short time.

The product provides a stable base for Triflex ProTerraTriflex ProFloor or our roofing systems. Now, with Triflex CeFix Screed 631, cementitious screeding, waterproofing and surfacing applications with Triflex can be completed within a day.

System highlights

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  • Very easy to mix and apply
  • For screed thicknesses of 20mm - 100mm in a single layer
  • Can be overlaid quickly with liquid applied systems
  • Hardens and hydrates after just 3 hours (+20oC)
  • Fully compatible with Triflex waterproofing, surfacing and protection systems
Triflex CeFix grid image of product application.

Triflex CeFix Primer 795

Triflex CeFix Primer 795 product image

Triflex CeFix Primer 795 is used as an adhesive bonding bridge on cementitious and mineralic substrates prior to application of Triflex CeFix Screed 631.

Triflex CeFix Screed 631

Triflex CeFix Screed 631 product image

Triflex CeFix Screed 631 is a fast-curing, polymer-modified cementitious screed for layer thicknesses from 20mm to 100mm.

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For even faster overlay, thinner layers and use at lower temperatures, ask us about Triflex ProScreed.