The Exchange shopping centre

Restoring the waterproofing protection to one of the dome cupolas
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After one of the dome cupolas at The Exchange shopping centre in Ilford started to leak, we were invited to provide a project specification and restore the waterproofing protection.
September 2019
Authorised Contractor
Metropolitan Contracts

The challenge

The Exchange before

In September 2019, Triflex were invited by Metropolitan Contracts to the Exchange Shopping Centre, in Ilford to provide a project specification for one of the Shopping Centres’ dome cupolas. The cupola that required treatment had previously been waterproofed with a GRP waterproofing system that was over a lift shaft, over the years water ingress had become an issue and if left to continue could cause damage to the lift machinery.

Although the application area and existing substrate did not pose an initial concern, the client outlined challenges that would need to be considered should a waterproofing system be provided. Firstly, it was vital that the colour of the resin solution matched the other cupola in order to preserve the iconic look of the building. Secondly, the access and working space around the domes would prove to be a challenge.

Triflex systems are cold liquid applied and do not require the use of gas torches or hot melt boilers. This meant less equipment and space would be required around the domes. Prior to specifying a solution, Metropolitan Contracts conducted a set of peel adhesion tests onto the GRP substrate. In most cases, Triflex solutions are fully compatible with GRP, but peel adhesion tests should always be conducted to determine whether any primers should be used to aid the adhesion.

The solution

The Exchange after

After conducting all tests and ensuring that a matching colour could be provided, Triflex ProDetail with optional coloured finish was specified to provide the waterproofing solution.

Triflex ProDetail is a cold applied, fully reinforced detail waterproofing system, which rapidly cures at temperatures down to -5°C. Usually specified for upstands, gutters, penetrations and other complex details due to its high levels of thixotropic properties, Triflex ProDetail is the ideal solution for waterproofing vertical surfaces, in this case, tower domes.

To match the colour of the other cupola, Triflex Cryl Finish was specified. This finish is available in over 50 standard colours. Bespoke colours can also be made to order to meet specific project requirements.

Once the Triflex ProDetail waterproofing was fully cured, the dome was taped in vertical circular segments using a 3mm tape to match the original pattern, the coloured finish was applied and the tape removed prior to the finish curing.

All works were carried out by Triflex Authorised Contractors from Metropolitan Contracts, who, thanks to their experience and the speed of cure from the Triflex products were able to complete this refurbishment and give the tower domes a fresh new waterproofing membrane within the deadline that preserved the iconic look of the original domes.