The Links Valley

A thermally insulated roof terrace with robust finish
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The Links Valley

The Links Valley is the first golf course in Europe that can be played in two directions. With plans to build a new clubhouse with a roof terrace, a waterproof and surfacing solution with an insulated build-up was required.
Ermelo, The Netherlands
June 2018
Authorised Contractor
Tissink Specialistische Afdichtingen (TSA)

The challenge

The Links Valley Golf Club management team consulted with contractor Van Norel BV from Epe to build a new clubhouse which would include a bar and a golf shop. The bar, situated on the first floor of the clubhouse, would have capacity for 50 people internally and on further 80 seats situated on the outside first floor roof terrace.

The outer terrace would be exposed to the elements all year round as well as being exposed to UV radiation. The flooring surface would therefore need to be watertight, provide a good level of anti-skid to minimise the risks of slips, trips and falls, be UV resistant and importantly be insulated, keeping the building cool in summer and warm during the winter. Lastly the architect stressed that the finish colour would need to fit in well with the serene surroundings of The Links Valley.

Installation of vapour control layer
Installation of Aquapanel cement board and primer complete
Detailing waterproofing complete
Main area waterproofing complete

The solution

Following consultation with the contractor, Triflex ProTerra Insulated with a Quartz Design finish became. Triflex ProTerra Insulated is a fully bonded, seamless system. Unlike with pavers, there are no joints or seams where dirt of plant life can accumulate beneath the surface. The chosen Quartz Design finish would also provide enhanced anti-skid properties, increasing the safety of the roof terrace.

The solution was also ideally suited because the underlying structure could remain level, the falls could be incorporated into the insulation using a cut to falls scheme. As with all Triflex systems, Triflex ProTerra Insulated is cold liquid applied, negating the need for hot works and removing all risk of fire during installation. Details around balustrades, outlets and penetrations could also been seamlessly waterproofed using Triflex cold liquid applied solutions, providing a clean homogenous surface.

A key advantage of Triflex is that colour can be fully adapted to the wishes of the client or architect. As a result, architect Henk de Velde was not limited in his search for a colour that would ensure the serene and tranquil atmosphere could be maintained. The preservation of light during a visitors experience was one of the key influences that had to be taken into account. After providing numerous samples, grey was chosen as the most suitable colour, allowing light to be reflected but also minimising the risk of the surface looking dirty in time.

Installation commenced during May 2018. Tissink Specialistische Afdichtingen (TSA) were the Triflex Authorised Contractor. TSA have a lot of experience of installing Triflex ProTerra Insulated and are highly recommended for projects that require a high attention to detail. Bastiaan van Esseveld explains: "The first step of installing the Triflex ProTerra Insulated system is to install a vapor control layer, the insulation is there adhered on top. Aquapanel, an impact resistant substrate is then adhered to the insulation to ensure the insulation can’t be damaged by point loading. Finally, the waterproofing and surfacing system Triflex ProTerra, was installed with a Quartz Design finish”.

The roof terrace of The Links Valley has been waterproofed with a hard wearing, fully insulated waterproofing and surfacing system that is BBA certified to provide a service life of at least 15 years.



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