Rodenhurst House

Over occupied walkways refurbishment to residential flats
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After carrying out a thorough site investigation, Triflex ProTerra was specified to overlay the existing concrete deck due to its rapid cure properties allowing areas to be treated quickly and with little disruption to residents.
Market Drayton, Shropshire
Authorised Contractor
JMG Roofing Ltd.

The challenge

Before RodenHurst House

Triflex were invited by the Social Housing Scheme of Shropshire Council Property Service to carry out a survey at Rodenhurst House in Market Drayton, Shropshire, where the property holds several flats located directly above the Mews Shopping Arcade. The waterproofing had failed on the walkways, ramps and stairways between the residential flats and would require a new solution.

The walkways consisted of an unreinforced coating to the concrete deck with no waterproofing to the upstands and critical interfaces. The concrete ramps had also been overlaid with an asphalt surfacing solution. Due to the lack of waterproof reinforcement to the walkways, water ingress was a continuous issue to the occupied retail outlets below, causing significant damage to the building and its contents. The stairways required a surfacing solution with an anti-skid finish, as well as new stair nosings and clear demarcation.

The Triflex Technical Team conducted a range of peel adhesion tests to the walkways and detailed areas, to establish whether any prework or priming requirements were necessary to achieve the best possible bond between the Triflex solution and the substrate.

Shropshire Council Property Services outlined that they were looking for a robust and hard-wearing solution which would remedy the existing failures while offering long-term value and performance for the Council and minimum disruption to the residents.

The solution

After Rodenhurst House

Triflex was specified to provide the waterproofing and surfacing solution to all areas after providing sound technical advice, testing and assurance. Both Triflex Business Development Manager and Triflex Authorised Contractors from JMG Roofing Ltd. concluded that Triflex cold liquid applied systems were ideally suited to this kind of project, due to the level and intricate detailing and the durability, and overall protection required.

The peel adhesion tests established that the critical interfaces such as the movement joints required pre-treatment, level thresholds would need to be created and new upstands would need to be formed. By carrying out these preworks it ensured that a seamless, functional and aesthetically-pleasing finish could be achieved.

Due to the walkways being constantly in use by the first-floor residents, Triflex ProTerra Quartz Design, a rapid-cure, cold applied and hard-wearing system was specified. This system allowed the buildings to remain occupied during installation, limiting access restrictions and unnecessary disruptions to everyday life.

Triflex ProTerra Quartz Design is a fully-reinforced waterproofing and surfacing system that has a hard-wearing surfacing layer. The Quartz within the surfacing layer provide an additional anti-skid element to reduce the risk of slips during wet weather, whilst providing an ultra-durable wearing layer.

All works were conducted by Triflex Authorised Contractors, JMG Roofing Ltd. who helped scope the works required and completed the installation within the given time frame to a very high standard.