Royal Holloway College

Walkway refurbishment
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The Royal Holloway College was in desperate need of a resurfacing solution to their college walkways; however, the solution would need to complement the iconic building while providing a durable finish.
Surrey, London
Authorised Contractor
Mulberry Roofing Supplies Ltd.

The challenge

Royal Holloway College before

Royal Holloway College, University of London, built in 1881 has found itself to be the focal point of the entire university and holds the offices for three academic departments, the main administrative offices and the student halls of residence accommodation comprising of over 470 rooms.

The College required a solution  that would provide a completely watertight protection to the existing cantilevered walkways of the North and South Quadrangles; the aesthetics of the Gothic revival style building also needed to be maintained.

The solution

royal holloway college after

A solvent-free, cold liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing solution, Triflex ProFloor, was specified to overlay the aged asphalt substrate of these areas. The failing asphalt walkways also had cracks running across their width, which were overbanded with a fully reinforced solution prior to the application of Triflex ProFloor.

Following preparation and priming, the waterproofing and surfacing solution was applied with a coloured anti-skid surface finish, which together with its exceptional durability and outstanding substrate compatibility, offers low slip potential in line with Health and Safety guidance.

The Founder’s Building is busy during both term-time and holidays, but through the use of the totally cold applied, rapid curing Triflex ProFloor system, disruption was kept to a minimum.

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