The University of Warwick, Warwickshire

Flat roof overlay using Triflex ProTect
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The Rootes building at the University of Warwick, had started to show signs of ageing and was due for its third roof refurbishment cycle. The existing PU liquid waterproofing system applied to the original asphalt was at the end of its working life. With a thorough roof survey including testing and investigation works from a Triflex Field Technician, Triflex ProTect was deemed the ideal solution based on its chemical benefits - PMMA resin technology and its compatible with the numerous substrates involved. For upstands and awkward details Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre were incorporated into the system for a uniform and seamless result. The project was carried out during winter months and Triflex systems were able to be installed in between weather windows.
Authorised Contractor
Makers Construction Ltd

The challenge

Warwick University Before Triflex ProTect

The University of Warwick educates over 26,000 students a year. It is vital that its facilities remain fully operational and protected so that students can continue learning in a safe and comfortable environment.

In March 2019, Triflex were invited by Makers Construction Ltd to provide a project specification for a 2,500m² flat roof overlay solution at the University of Warwick. A large proportion of the roof is covered in M&E (mechanical and electrical plant) which ideally would need to remain in place and functional during the works. This in turn caused a large amount of intricate detail waterproofing. It was suggested that a walkway be installed to provide safe access when maintaining the plant and any drainage points on the roof.

Prior to providing a project specification Triflex Business Development Manager, Will Croxford conducted a thorough roof survey, including cores and peel adhesion tests completed via a Triflex Field Technician. The core tests established the full build-up of the roof for U-Value / condensation risk analysis and determine whether there were any underlying issues present. Peels adhesion tested was included to confirm adhesion and negate the requirements for a primer. A Triflex solution which could potentially overlay the existing substrate, would provide a significant reduction in risk, time and costs over a strip and replacement of the existing roofing system.

Global Hollis (formally known as Malcolm Hollis) approached Triflex following their experience with our systems on the successful roof podium project at Fiveways Entertainment Centre in Birmingham (EPDM overlay). Triflex ProTect was deemed a suitable solution for the university due to its abilities to withstand ponding water (hydrolysis resistant) which was inevitable in areas of the roof due to the extensive addition of M&E over the years.

The solution

Peel adhesion tests revealed that our Triflex ProTect roofing system would achieve an exceptionally strong bond to the existing PU liquid membrane without the addition of a primer. Many Triflex systems are based on a PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) resin technology which is a form of acrylic plastic. The works at the university took place during winter month. PMMA allows installation in narrower weather windows since the resin has rapid curing times and can be applied during low temperatures.

The benefits of Triflex PMMA when compared to other resin technologies are numerous. It’s also hydrolysis resistant meaning that it won’t be broken down when exposed to standing water for long periods. It’s these properties which make PMMA waterproofing systems the ideal solution for flat roof waterproofing.

Once Triflex was specified, Authorised Contractors, Makers Construction Ltd were employed by the client to carry out the installation works. The initial focus of the renovation was on the detailing around the plant. Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre was specified and thanks to it’s thixotropic formulation this detailing waterproofing system can be easily applied to vertical surfaces. Utilising a high tensile strength polyester fleece, which is embedded into the resin during the wet-on-wet application process ensures a tough solution which can accommodate high levels of movement within the structure.

Warwick University After Triflex ProTect

As the details of the roof were complex, a combination of Triflex ProTect, Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre provided a proven and practical solutions. These systems are also self-terminating, meaning that there is no need for termination bars. Forming such a strong bond with the substrate, the system leaves no opportunity for water to permeate behind. It also means that the application process can be done in one single process, saving time and eliminating any risks of interlayer adhesion issues.

Following the completion of the main area waterproofing and detailed areas, Triflex Cryl Finish 205 was applied with Triflex Quartz embedded into the resin to create anti-slip walkways to the plant and draining outlets, improving safety for the on-site maintenance team.

The University of Warwick now has a renovated roof with a BBA certified waterproofing system that will provide a durable roof waterproofing with a service life in excess of 25 years.

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