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Flat roof refurbishment
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Sledmere Primary School in Dudley, West Midlands has recently undergone a further Triflex roof refurbishment. The school, previously familiar with Triflex solutions, required a solution that would solve their water ingress problems whilst bringing the roof standards up to meet the new Building Requirments.
Dudley, West Midlands
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Rio Asphalt & Paving

The challenge

Sledmere Before

Sledmere Primary School in Dudley, West Midlands has recently undergone a further Triflex roof refurbishment. In 2013, the school was introduced to Triflex after we had provided a waterproofing solution using Triflex ProTect on their mobile classrooms.

However, the school now required a solution for their Nursery building which was suffering water damage after the existing waterproofing had become de-bonded in areas, and compromised the underlying insulation and deck. The Primary School was also aware that the timber deck was too thin and needed to be upgraded to a minimum thickness of 20mm, in order to bring the U-value up to meet the current Building Regulations.

Sledmere Primary School needed a solution fast and thanks to Triflex systems being totally cold applied throughout the installation process works could be carried out during term-time, with the added benefit of no hot works required reducing the risk of fire.

The solution

Sledmere after

Prior to installation, the Triflex Technical Team carried out on-site peel and core tests to ensure that the correct system would be specified. Peel tests were conducted to determine what preparation would be needed and whether a primer was required to ensure the system would have the strongest adhesion possible to the existing substrate. Core tests were undertaken to determine the build-up of the substrate and outline any underlying issues.

The core tests identified that the insulation was wet through and that the boards in between the insulation and roof covering had failed from continuous water ingress. The Technical Team liaising with the schools chosen advisors specified that a Triflex ProTect warm roof system would be the perfect solution for the roof. This system incorporates a robust, self-adhesive vapour control layer and high-quality insulation which would allow the school to meet the strict U-value requirements. The carrier membrane and Triflex ProTect waterproofing system, allow the build-up to stay watertight and free from underflow of water at every stage of application.

Installed in a simple, single process application and fully cured within 60 minutes Authorised Contractors Rio Asphalt & Paving were able to complete works in a short period of time and during school hours.

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