Triflex ProDetail technical details

Technical details

Triflex ProDetail

Triflex ProDetail is a fully reinforced, seamless solution that is ideal for the fast and easy waterproofing of virtually all details, including upstands, gutters and roof penetrations. Exceptionally rapid cure times, even at temperatures as low as -5°C, allow the system to be installed all year round, in a simple, single process application.

  • Dry film thickness c.a. 2.00mm
  • System weight (excluding primer) c.a. 3.10Kg/m²
  • Available in a wide range of colours

System build-up


Primers (if required)

Cryl Primer 222

Triflex Cryl Primer 222

Primer for asphalt, bitumen, timber and other substrates.

Overcoat / traffic: 45 minutes
Consumption: 0.40Kg/m²

Cryl Primer 276

Cryl Primer 276

Primer for cementitious and other substrates.

Overcoat / traffic: 45 minutes
Consumption: 0.40Kg/m²

Primer 610

Primer 610

Primer for single-ply membranes, liquid coatings and coated metals.   

Overcoat / traffic: 20 minutes
Consumption: 0.06L/m² min.

Product data sheet

Metal Primer

Metal Primers

Primer for metal substrates, also available as spray can.

Overcoat / traffic:
60 minutes using spray can
60 minutes using roller

Minimum 0.08 to 0.15 L/m²
Product data sheet

Glass Primer

Glass Primer

Primer for glass substrates.

Overcoat / traffic: 20 minutes
Consumption: 0.05L/m² approx.

Product data sheet

Reinforced waterproofing



Detail waterproofing resin used with Triflex 110g Reinforcement.

Overcoat / traffic: 45 minutes
Consumption: 3.00Kg/m²

Product data sheet

110g Reinforcement Fleece

Reinforcement fleece

Polyester fleece used with Triflex resins in Triflex fully and partially reinforced systems.

Resin colours

Triflex ProDetail resin colours

Triflex ProDetail is available in a range of standard resin colours.

For an enhanced range of over 50 colours why not take a look at Triflex ProDetail with a coloured finish which allows the system to be tailored to meet aesthetic and project needs. Additionally, special colours can be produced to order.

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