Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Gutter refurbishment using Triflex ProDetail
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Triflex authorised contractor MNA Group Ltd. were invited to provide a solution for their client’s commercial warehouse, that required a refurbishment to its coated metal valley gutters. The client required a quick solution that would be compatible with the existing substrate in a difficult to reach area with restricted access.
Lutterworth, Leicestershire
July 2020
Authorised Contractor
MNA Group

The challenge

The existing valley gutters were designed to channel large volumes of water from the adjacent pitched metal profile roofs. The gutters were failing in various locations, resulting in water ingress into the facility below, causing disruption to the clients manufacturing process.

The metal substrate of the gutter was showing signs of corrosion and deterioration. Corrosion usually starts at the guillotined edge where the metal has been cut to length, leaving a section of uncoated metal exposed at the end. As this cut edge corrodes over time, the original coatings peel off, and corrosion steadily progresses across the metal, which can lead to perforations and waterproofing failure.

Due to the degree of deterioration observed, it was recommended that if a solution was to be installed it should have anti-corrosion properties to prevent further progressive corrosion to the areas affected. In addition, the solution needed to be quick and simple to apply and be fully compatible with the substrate, to provide lasting protection for years to come.

Lutterworth Commercial Gutter Refubishment before image 1
Lutterworth Commercial Gutter Refubishment before image 2

The solution

Due to its exceptional durability and compatibility, Triflex ProDetail was specified to provide a reinforced waterproofing solution to this valley gutter refurbishment project.

Triflex ProDetail is the leading European system for the waterproofing of details including pipes, penetrations, and gutters. It is a fleece reinforced system that is both solvent and isocyanate free, with a thixotropic formula that allows it to be installed onto vertical surfaces. The system is also hydrolysis resistant, meaning it will not degrade over time, even when subjected to standing water.

Before the application of the Triflex ProDetail, any loose or peeling coating layers were fully removed with the exposed metal substrate receiving a light abrasion to eliminate any rust or contaminants. The remaining coating was cleaned and degreased, ready to receive the Triflex system application. Triflex Metal Primer was then locally applied to ensure that the best possible adhesion to the substrate could be achieved. The Triflex ProDetail System was then applied to the prepared and primed areas.

The BBA and ETA certified Triflex ProDetail system is ultra-fast curing and easy to install, allowing details to be waterproofed seamlessly and quickly, with the system being rainproof in just 30 minutes and fully cured in 45 minutes. Installation can be carried out all year round, even in temperatures down to -5°C with no extension to cure times.

Works proceeded smoothly and were completed on time. The finished solution will provide the ultimate protection for years to come, saving the client time and money over the course of its 25-year life span.

“At MNA Group we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, lasting solutions to our clients and that’s why we are always happy to specify Triflex ProDetail. It’s quick and easy to install with minimal disruption to our clients and we have peace of mind knowing the solution is fully backed by warranty.”

Richard Bloodworth, MNA Group Ltd.

Lutterworth Commercial Gutter Refurbishment after image 1

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