The benefits of PMMA waterproofing and protection systems for onshore wind turbines

Wind Energy

With 11% of the UK’s electricity provided by onshore wind turbines in 2020, they’re significantly contributing to the UK’s greener future. Protecting these structures from the elements and ensuring they remain operational is of utmost importance to reaching net zero targets.

Crack-free foundations safeguarded from freeze / thaw cycles are critical to the wind turbines’ long-term stability. Choosing the right waterproofing and protection system in such harsh environments needs specialist solutions. Here Richard Bowyer of Triflex (UK) Ltd explains the benefits of PMMA waterproofing, surfacing and protection systems.

A race against the weather

Where weather windows are short, ultra-rapid protection systems are of huge benefit. Using a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) resin-based system such as Triflex Towersafe means rainproofing in as little as 30 minutes. And with ultra-fast curing at temperatures down to -5oC, more days become available for works, providing cost effective maintenance.

Single day cold applied systems for efficiency

The advanced technological properties of Triflex Towersafe mean that it is totally cold applied, and requires very basic application equipment. Being isocyanate and solvent free, standard personal protection equipment is all that is required too. With no repeat visits to the same wind turbine base for second coats, simplified logistics, quick preparation times and an efficient use of materials means more bases can be protected in a shorter time.

TowerS=safe hero shot application on base

Flexible and hydrolysis resistant

PMMA is an acrylic plastic. When used in conjunction with a high tensile strength fabric reinforcement, its lightweight, tough and flexible enough to cope with the stresses imposed on the turbine foundation. Triflex Towersafe is also hydrolysis resistant (does not break down under ponding water) as well as root and rhizome resistant, offering long lasting waterproofing, above and below the ground in challenging conditions.

Certified for the task

Not all protection systems are up to the challenges of protecting wind turbine foundations and joints. Certification from BBA is based on rigorous national and European standards, providing a mark of excellence for products. Ensuring the system you choose is validated, provides reassurance of the products capability, such as a durability of 25 years for Triflex TowerSafe

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