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How cold liquid applied waterproofing supports sustainable roofing aims

How cold liquid applied waterproofing supports sustainable roofing aims

Solar PV installations on flat roofs

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Large flat roofs found on industrial and commercial roofing increasingly offer opportunities for power and energy generation. Installation of PV panels requires consideration as to the impact on any existing waterproofing membrane. If PV panels are mechanically fixed, then the flat roof's waterproofing may have been compromised. Thankfully cold liquid applied solutions such as those from Triflex can be used to waterproof such details. The innovative products form a seamless, protective barrier that adapts to the unique contours and configurations of these installations. Tried and tested on a huge array of substrates the PMMA resins adhere to almost any surface.

Triflex PMMA waterproofing resins are also solvent and isocyanate free, and applied in a single process making them quick and easy to install. With no requirement for hot works they can help raise the sustainability profile of your project and satisfy insurers too. These technologically advanced resins are UV stable meaning they are perfect for those areas that are exposed to the sun for years. Available in lighter colours including white, the solar reflectance of the flat roof can be enhanced to not only help to keep buildings cooler but can also increase the effectiveness of some PV systems too.

Green roofs need robust waterproofing membranes

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Green roofs have increased in prevalence in recent years and with biodiversity net gain legislation (2024), will further increase in popularity. Whatever the green roof build-up and plant choice, the waterproofing membrane is key to ensuring a watertight building underneath. But some waterproofing membranes are more suited than others to the rigors of a green roof build-up. Triflex PMMA cold liquid applied waterproofing for example is hydrolysis resistant, meaning that it will not break down in water. Attenuation trays and irrigation can be included with confidence to meet all project requirements. It is also root and rhizome resistant, so both ponding water or wayward roots pose no threat to its durability.

Installing green roofs can be time dependent with planting at optimum condition to ensure the new plants thrive. By using cold liquid applied waterproofing that quickly cures such as Triflex PMMA resin based solutions, not only is the roof rainproof in 30 minutes, but it fully cures in an hour facilitating the rapid installation of the green roof build-up. From podiums to green roofs, sedums to wildflower, planting a cold liquid applied waterproofing membrane can ensure the building underneath does not suffer water ingress. 

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