Code of conduct

1 No misinformation

  • We undertake to promote reliable communication.
  • We shall avoid making improper, misleading, incomplete or ill-considered statements.
  • The exchange of information with business partners, authorities and the public shall be carried out solely via authorised employees. In case of doubt management shall be involved immediately.
  • When expressing their private opinion, employees must not create the impression that they are voicing the opinion of the company.
  • Our products shall meet the agreed characteristics. Complaints and notices of defects shall be dealt with effectively to ensure continual high quality and service levels.

2 No disregard

  • We undertake to maintain objectivity and impartiality in our business and social activities.
  • It goes without saying that we should act respectfully and responsibly in our dealings with each other. Fairness, consideration, team spirit and openness characterise the relationship between colleagues, employees, management and external partners.

3 No hazard to human health and the environment

  • We undertake to conduct our business with respect for the environment, by taking environment-related considerations and sustainability into consideration when making our business decisions.
  • The will to constantly improve safety, health and environment protection is an integral part of out corporate culture.
  • We assess the procurement of products and services according to the following criteria: quality, cost, effectiveness, environmental friendliness and ethics. We do not condone child labour.
  • We are committed to the principles of the Responsible Care Initiative of The European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC).

4 No conflicts of interest

  • We undertake to maintain integrity, in that any conflict of private interests with those of the company will be avoided.
  • Actual and potential conflicts of interest will be reported to management immediately.
  • We welcome any voluntary commitments, provided they are compatible with the employee’s obligations under their employment contract.

5 No infringement of our own or third-party intellectual property

  • We undertake to deal respectfully with intellectual property. Like material property, the intellectual property of our Group shall be protected from the loss, theft and misuse. Operating secrets and know-how shall not be passed onto third parties or made public without legal protection.
  • We shall protect the intellectual property of third parties which is entrusted to us. We reject any illegal means of acquiring information.

6 No bribery

  • We undertake to conclude business solely throughout the quality and efficiency of our products, services and advice.
  • Bribes between ourselves and customers, suppliers or civil servants are prohibited with exception. We shall not furnish any payments to business partners with appropriate counter performance. Sales shall not be promoted through gifts or donations.
  • We shall not accept preferential treatment from suppliers, services providers or customers. We shall only accept invitations if there is a business purpose and the business partner is present. Invitations and gifts must be appropriate in terms of their type and scope and may not exceed legal provisions. In case of doubt, management shall be consulted.

7 No monopoly agreement

  • We shall not tolerate any lawful agreements or infringements of competition law.
  • The appearance of improper agreements with other market participants must be avoided. Doubts about our own conduct as well as legally questionable activities of an employee shall be reported immediately to management.

8 No breach of laws

  • We undertake to comply with nation and international law and shall adhere to the statutory requirements in all our fields and areas of activity.
01.2019 - Paul Barker, Director