Customer satisfaction survey results 2019

The Triflex Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019 ran from 8 May until 29 May, and was completed by customers from around the UK and Ireland. The results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive for the level of customer service provided, including convenience, responsiveness and respectfulness. The overall product quality of Triflex shone through and was rated exceptionally high by all respondents.

Total satisfaction

Respondents were asked to rate the quality of Triflex customer service based on convenience, responsiveness and respectfulness. In all instances, customer service was rated overwhelmingly positively. In fact, 92% of respondents rated the convenience of dealing with Triflex as being very convenient, 86% found the customer service to be highly responsive and 94% found the service to be very respectful of their needs, priorities and time.

We have recently been working hard behind the scenes to improve the level of customer service we provide across all teams, simplifying systems and optimising processes. Our ultimate aim is to keep clients as informed as possible.

Leading cold liquid applied solutions

91% of respondents said that Triflex products and systems either met their needs very well or extremely well. 83% of installers and contractors found that Triflex systems are more effective than competing systems.

Our specialist and unique systems have been researched, developed and refined in our own R&D centre and manufacturing plant based in Minden, Germany for over 40 years. It is pleasing to see that these developments and refinements help the installer on-site, making installations as simple as possible and keep projects on track.


Thanks to all who took part in the survey for providing your insightful feedback. Based on the feedback provided there are a number of developments we are working toward to improve our service levels even further. We will also be enhancing our support of specifiers throughout the specification process, and providing installers with the best tools on-site and off-site tools.

If you have any feedback please get in touch.