New Triflex warranty application process

We’ve been working on improving our warranty application process in order to make things simpler for you, and to enable us to turn around your warranty applications much more quickly.

Benefits for you

With the new online warranty application form you are able to submit your warranty applications, save drafts to resume at a later time or date and receive confirmation and status updates of your application process.

Additionally, the warranty application form works on mobile devices, allowing you to apply for a warranty at a time or place suitable to you.

This new process has now completely replaced the old warranty application forms. Warranty applications currently being processed will be completed, but new applications via the old process will not be accepted from Monday 29 April 2019. Any forms we receive between now and this date will still be processed.

Warranty application

Warranty types

There are two types of Triflex warranty you are eligible to apply for and it is important that you understand the difference. Incorrect applications can delay the process or even result in invalid warranties being issued:

Project with a Triflex Project Specification proposal
This is a project where we (Triflex) have provided you with a full Project Specification proposal, detailing the system and materials to be used and installation process.

Project without a Triflex Project Specification proposal
This is a project where you have self specified Triflex materials and have completed the project without a Triflex Project Specification proposal (materials must be installed in accordance with the relevant Triflex Standard Specification, Technical Data Sheets and Application Guidelines).

Warranty application form

Warranties can only be applied for by Triflex Contracting Partners on the completion of a project using Triflex materials. If you are an end client please contact your installer for your warranty.

For any questions or queries please contact us at warranties@triflex.co.uk or call 01785 819119 and ask for customer services.

Apply for a Triflex Warranty