Triflex DeckCoat with Emery technical details

Technical details

Triflex DeckCoat with Emery

Triflex DeckCoat with Emery provides a tough anti-skid finish ideal for areas subjected to extreme forces and heavy traffic and is available in a range of standard colours.


Tests carried out wet on new indicative samples in accordance with UKSRG Guidlines (2011):

With 1.0 - 3.0mm emery:

  • PTV approx. 90 (Four S rubber / Slider 96)
  • PTV approx. 95 (TRRL rubber / Slider 55)

System build-up


Waterproof wearing layer


Triflex DeckCoat

Waterproof resin for Triflex DeckCoat.

Consumption: 2.40 Kg/m² minimum

Aggregate: Emery: 7.00Kg/m²

Product data sheet


Cryl Finish 202

Product Cryl 202 10 Kg

Finish for Triflex systems with Emery aggregate.

Foot traffic: 1 hour
Vehicle traffic: 2 hours
Consumption: 0.80Kg/m²

Product data sheet


System overview
CAD details

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