Triflex DeckFloor Anti-Static technical details

Technical details

Triflex DeckFloor Anti-Static

Vehicles rolling along car park surfaces generate an electrostatic charge, in the majority of cases this electrostatic charge will dissipate to ground through the tyres. However in certain cases, where the car park surface has high electrical resistance, such as traditional asphalt build-ups, the charge can remain for a period of time. If a driver then touches an earthed metal object such as a ticket machine, they can receive a static electric shock. Triflex DeckFloor Anti-Static is a specialist waterproofing and surfacing solution that eliminates this issue. The system combines unique conductive waterproofing resin technology with an earthed copper pad to effectively dissipate any electrostatic charge build-up. Used successfully in problem car parks across the UK, the solution improves user experience while still providing our industry leading waterproofing and surfacing protection.


Tests carried out wet on new indicative samples in accordance with UKSRG Guidlines (2016):

With 1.0 - 3.0mm emery:

  • PTV approx. 97 (Four S rubber / Slider 96)
  • PTV approx. 86 (TRRL rubber / Slider 55)

System build-up



Cryl Primer 222

Triflex Cryl Primer 222

Primer for asphalt, bitumen, timber and other substrates.

Overcoat / traffic: 45 minutes
Consumption: 0.40Kg/m²



Copper Pad

Copper Pads

Embedded into Triflex Cryl R 231 EX

Cryl R231 EX

Overcoat / traffic: 1 hour
Consumption: 0.30Kg/m² min.


Anti-static primer

Cryl R231 EX

Overcoat / traffic: 1 hour
Consumption: 0.30Kg/m² min.


Anti-static waterproof wearing layer

Triflex DeckFloor EX


Overcoat / traffic: 3 hours
Consumption: 3.00Kg/m²

Aggregate: Electro corundum: 4.00Kg/m²



Cryl Finish 208 EX

Foot traffic: 2 hours
Vehicle traffic: 3 hours
Consumption: 1.00Kg/m²


System overview

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