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Richard Bowyer - National Sales Manager, Car Parks and Infrastructure Author: Richard Bowyer - National Sales Manager, Car Parks and Infrastructure

Transforming your interior: A guide to coating internal car park decks

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of internal car park decks, investing in quality coatings is often an overlooked yet crucial aspect. Car park decks are not merely spaces for parking vehicles; they serve as the first impression for visitors and tenants alike, attracting footfall and extending dwell time. Moreover, they endure substantial wear and tear due to frequent traffic movements and exposure to contaminants including petrol, diesel and cleaning chemicals. In particular, exposure to chlorides, commonly found in road salts can be extremely damaging to the embedded steel in reinforced concrete structures. Therefore, opting for the right coating solution is paramount to prolonging the lifespan of these surfaces while maintaining their appeal.

Understanding the Need for Coating

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Internal car park decks face a multitude of challenges that can compromise their integrity over time. From oil leaks and tyre marks to moisture ingress and carbonation, these issues can escalate if left unaddressed. Coating the surface acts as a protective barrier, shielding it from such hazards and preserving its structural integrity. Furthermore, coatings can enhance pedestrian safety through increased skid resistance and contrasting coloured walkways to aid efficient navigation.

Key Considerations for Coating Selection

1.    Durability: Opt for quality coatings specifically designed for the environment and anticipated traffic movements, to ensure longevity and minimal maintenance. Ramps and ‘hammerheads’ call for particularly tough solutions, to withstand elevated tyre shear forces and frequent vehicular movement. 

2.    Protection from chlorides and carbonation. In winter, vehicles deposit road salts and parking staff distribute de-icing materials in and around car parks to. Chloride-containing de-icers, when dissolved in water, can penetrate unprotected and cracked concrete surfaces, leading to corrosion of embedded steel and compromised structural integrity. 

3.    Chemical Resistance: Given the potential exposure to oil, grease, fuels and increasingly aggressive car cleaning chemicals, choose coatings that offer robust chemical resistance to prevent surface degradation.

4.    UV Stability: If the car park deck is partially exposed to sunlight, UV-stable coatings are essential to prevent discolouration and deterioration caused by prolonged sun exposure.

5.    Slip Resistance: Prioritise coatings with appropriate skid-resistant properties to mitigate the risk of accidents for pedestrians and vehicles, especially in wet and icy conditions.

6.    Aesthetic Appeal: Select coatings that complement the overall design scheme of the car park, that are easy to clean and with customisation options such as a wide range of colour and anti-skid choices, compatible marking and signage options.

Advantages of a Professional Approach

Not all coatings are equal. Working with specialists such as material suppliers who carry out testing and provide bespoke project specifications, can ensure the most appropriate solution for the car park surface.

Understanding the car park structure and vehicle movements, as well as how the car park is used can be important factors in choice of materials.

How Triflex differs:

  • Expertise: Triflex possess the knowledge and experience to assess the unique requirements of your car park and recommend tailored solutions. With a scientific approach to surveys and testing, we ensure the right solution.
  • Efficiency: With rapidly curing resins such as technologically advanced cold liquid applied PMMA solutions, disruption can be minimised. Access ramps can be effectively surfaced, protected and operational within hours instead of days. 
  • Quality Assurance: Working with Triflex Authorised Contractors means that the installation team are fully trained and supported, to deliver a professional finish we are proud to put our name to 
  • Warranties: Not only do we provide robust, engineered solutions which last, but we offer meaningful long-term warranties too, back by insurance.


Coating internal car park decks is a worthwhile investment that yields both aesthetic and functional benefits. By selecting the right coating solution and entrusting the application to experienced professionals, you can enhance the durability, safety and visual appeal of your car park, whilst safeguarding it against the rigours of daily use. 

So, why wait transform your interior car park decks today and leave a lasting impression on visitors and tenants alike.

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