Triflex expand training centres

Triflex delivers COVID-secure, high-quality training

Triflex have expanded their training offering throughout 2021 to meet demand. As part of the Authorised Contractor Programme, Triflex delivers COVID-secure, high-quality training of the Triflex waterproofing and protection systems. Like many in the construction product industry, demand has grown for products and services in line with the high levels of UK construction activity. And as the waterproofing and protection systems adhere to most substrates, they are suitable for overlay solutions. With product shortages and demand increasing for more sustainable approaches, overlay solutions offer a host of benefits.

In response, new training delivery programmes have been created in different locations. Most recently, training has been provided using facilities at The National Construction College Scotland in Renfrew. With tailored outdoor amenities for the practical and hands on aspects of the training courses, trainees have gained proficiency with reduced COVID risks.

Paul Livingstone, Triflex Business Development Manager, Scotland explains “Delivering Triflex training courses here in Scotland has ensured that we provide convenience to our delegates. Not only do trainees gain competence with the systems, but confidence too. And with a more local delivery and less travelling time, the training has been less disruptive to our contractors’ businesses.”

Additionally, training has been undertaken in Ireland. Here, resident Triflex expertise, outdoor venues and Triflex shelters have proven to provide flexible facilities in the changing COVID landscape. Andrew Stewart, Business Development Manager, Ireland, explains “We have been able to offer training courses at locations across Ireland. Delivering the training at our authorised contractors, often at their outdoor yards, we have been able train the whole team at a time to suit them. ”

Triflex training also continues to be delivered in our Staffordshire headquarters, as has been the case for many years. Whilst the number of trainees in any one course has been reduced to aid social distancing, the number of courses has been growing steadily as the UK recovers from the pandemic.

All Triflex courses comply to the latest governmental guidance issued in the country delivered. With rules changing at different times across the UK and Ireland, we ensure the safety of participants through continual review and updates to Risk assessments and practices.

To date, over 235 people have attended Triflex training courses in 2021.