Triflex ProDetail

A fast and easy solution for waterproofing details, including upstands, gutters and penetrations
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BBA certified, CE mark

Roofs are most vulnerable to water ingress at the details, so it is essential that these interfaces are reliably waterproofed to protect the structure and contents beneath.

The BBA and ETA certified Triflex ProDetail is the proven, reliable solution for the fast and easy seamless waterproofing of virtually all details, including upstands, gutters, cut edge corrosion and roof penetrations. The fully reinforced system is ultra fast curing, even at temperatures down to -5°C, allowing installation to be carried out all year round in a simple, single process application. Tried and tested on more than 1,400 substrates and certified to the highest standards, it is easy to see why this versatile and long-lasting solution is the number 1 detail waterproofing solution in Europe.

Triflex ProDetail can be used stand-alone, in combination with other Triflex waterproofing, surfacing and protection systems and in combination with other waterproofing technologies.

System highlights

Waterproof down to the smallest detail

Suitable for the secure waterproofing of upstands, gutters, penetrations, joints and much more, Triflex ProDetail is compatible with virtually all substrates and can be used to waterproof the most simple to the most complex of details.

Cold applied, fast curing with rapid installation

Rapid curing and easy to install, Triflex allows details to be waterproofed seamlessly and quickly with the waterproofing being rainproof in just 30 minutes and cured in as little as 45 minutes. Installation can be carried out all year round and Triflex ProDetail still cures quickly at temperatures down to -5°C. There is also no risk from hot works during installation as all Triflex materials are applied in a totally cold liquid form, curing to create a durable solution that lasts.

Single process application

Triflex ProDetail is applied in a simple, single process and offers significantly reduced installation costs compared with multi-coat solvent-based systems, and eliminating the risks of inter-layer adhesion issues. Triflex ProDetail has a thixotropic formulation as standard, allowing it to be used on vertical surfaces straight from the drum.

Fully reinforced technology

The Triflex ProDetail system combines a unique highly flexible resin with a special high tensile strength polyester fleece. The system is proven to accommodate high levels of movement and cracking and differential movement between different substrates. Proven fully reinforced waterproofing technology that stands the test of time.

Tried and tested

Triflex ProDetail offers a complete detail waterproofing solution that will last for years to come. The system is not only certified and tested to the highest UK and European standards, it has also been successfully installed for more than 20 years in projects across the globe.

Triflex ProDetail was the first liquid applied detail waterproofing system to be certified under ETAG 005 and was the first product of its type to be CE marked in Europe

Tough and durable protection

The standard Triflex ProDetail system is designed for foot traffic and provides exceptional puncture resistance when compared to many alternative materials.

With high levels of chemical resistance, the system is suitable for industrial applications including bunds.

The complete solution

Triflex ProDetail is not only a proven stand-alone system but is also used in conjunction with other Triflex systems and other waterproofing technologies to provide a complete waterproofing solution.

Colours and finishes

Create a design to meet your aesthetic or safety requirements with a wide range of colours and two optional finishes - refer to Triflex colour card.

ProDetail grid

Application areas

  • Upstands
  • Parapets
  • Cappings
  • Plinths
  • Gutters
  • Gutter joints
  • Drips
  • Rooflights / Sun-pipes
  • Hatches
  • Outlets
  • Laps / seams
  • Joints
  • Penetrations
  • Metal roof cut edge (end lap) corrosion

Compatible substrates

  • Felt
  • Asphalt
  • Bitumen
  • Single-ply membranes (e.g. PVC, PVC-P, EPDM, EVA, TPO, FPO, TPE, CPE, PIB, VET etc.)
  • Cementitious materials (concrete, brickwork, masonry)
  • Metals and coated metals
  • Plastics
  • Coatings (e.g. polyurethane, polyurea, polymethyl methacrylate)
  • Solar reflective coatings
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Timber

System varients

Triflex ProDetail

ProDetail is a fully reinforced, seamless solution that is ideal for the fast and easy waterproofing of virtually all details, including upstands, gutters and roof penetrations.
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Optional smooth finish

Triflex ProDetail with a smooth finish allows detailed areas to be waterproofed to the same visual impression as our main area waterproofing systems, allowing them to suite perfectly and can be used locally for demarcation or logos.
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Optional heavy duty finish

ProDetail with a heavy duty finish is the ideal solution for detailed areas requiring increased anti-skid, impact and abrasion resistance.
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Triflex ProDetail colour card

Finish colours

Triflex ProDetail is available in a wide range of standard resin colours and optional finish colours, allowing the system to be tailored to meet aesthetic and project needs. For full details see the Triflex ProDetail colour card.


Triflex ProDetail


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Fully certified to the highest UK and European standards and classifications, including:

BBA certified: 

  • Durability: Under normal service conditions the system will provide a durable roof waterproofing with a service life in excess of 25 years

ETAG 005 certified:

  • Highest classification in all criteria including W3 – 25 year durability

Fire performance:

  • BS 476: Part 3: 2004 – EXT.FA.A
  • EN 13501-5: Class BROOF (t1) / (t2) / (t3) / (t4)
  • EN 13501-1: Class E

Root and rhizome resistant:

  • FLL Certified: Root and rhizome resistant
  • EN 13948: Resistant to root penetration

Manufacturer certification

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management
  • ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management


Triflex ProDetail
Triflex ProDetail
Triflex ProDetail BBA Certificate
Triflex ProDetail ETA Certificate

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