Triflex Strengthen Education Sector Support

Specialist Academy Funding Consultancy firm
Tim Warneford news

Triflex are delighted to announce they have strengthened their Education sector support. Triflex have worked extensively within the education sector for many years to provide cold applied liquid waterproofing systems for flat roofs, walkways and surface markings.

Today Triflex welcome a closer working relationship with Warneford Consulting. The specialist Academy Funding Consultancy firm has an impressive track record of Bid Fund Management, with a high conversion rate of successful CIF bids in 2021.

Tony Mills, Sales Director at Triflex explains “Our technical team are specialists. Not only are they experienced in providing detailed condition reports, comprehensive testing and robust specification proposals, but they also ensure reports meet EFA requirements. Working collaboratively with specialist education consultants such as Warneford Consulting means that the bid support is now ‘top of the class’ for securing funding.

Tim Warneford added: “Our ethos is for a customer centric approach to CIF, meaning that we give our very best attention and care to each school we work with. The Triflex way of working mirrors our own ensuring a robust value, added approach to each and every CIF bid.”

Roofing refurbishment projects accounted for over 25% of successful Condition Improvement bids announced in June 2021. Triflex systems require no hot works, meaning that the risk of fire relating to schools’ repairs is negated. Similarly, the technologically advanced systems means that they can often be installed on top of existing roofing , offering a rapid, cost effective and more sustainable installation.

For further assistance with your roofing project, CIF bid or to simply find out more about our products contact us today at info@triflex.co.uk

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