Brauerue Vestas V90 Paderborn

Wind turbine foundation protection
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Brauerue Vestas V90 Paderborn wind turbine

Markkleeberg, Germany

The challenge

Triflex Germany were invited by a member of their Contracting Partner network to propose a protection system for the wind turbine foundations of the turbine located in Markkleeberg, Germany. In order to maximise the longevity of the wind turbine, it was essential to properly waterproof and protect the turbines foundations. The contractors had previously installed Triflex car park surfacing systems on numerous projects, which had earned them an excellent reputation. 

The solution provided would need to be fully cured as quickly as possible, be totally cold applied, and be resistant to mechanical, chemical and thermal loads. The propose system would also have to accommodate large amounts of movement, as the turbine foundations are put under a great deal of force which could lead to cracking.

The solution

Prior to any works being carried out the old waterproofing material required removal and the steel work was cleaned and abraded at the base. These preworks ensured the best possible bond between the Triflex Towersafe system and the original foundations of the wind turbine. In this case, the use of Triflex Towersafe Primer was also specified to improve bond.

Triflex Towersafe is highly elastomeric, and is designed to accommodate movement within the wind turbine. The solution is hydrolysis resistant, meaning that it won't break down when exposed to long periods of standing water or even submerged. It is also hard wearing and rapid curing, with the reinforced waterproofing resin being ready for overcoat or traffic in as little as 45 minutes.

Triflex TowerSafe can also be tailored to incorporate optional finishes to suit the needs of the project.