Eliminating car park shocks

Anti Static Installation

Car park users are increasingly complaining about receiving static shocks at car park ticket machines. Electrostatic charges can build up when a vehicle rolls along a road surface. This charge will most commonly dissipate to ground through the vehicle's tyres when the car is stationary. But in some instances, the charge is unable to dissipate due to the road surface having high resistance levels. In these cases, if a user is to touch a conductive and grounded object such as a ticket machine, they will receive a static electric shock.

In theory, the problem is easy to treat but in practice there are many factors at play. For instance, under dry conditions the instances of shocks will increase, this is due to the high resistance to ground and surface resistance to the floor. Other factors can also increase the amount of charge built up, including the speed at which a car travels, the characteristics of the tyre and the type of substrate. The worst scenarios are ones where a vehicle can travel at speed on an insulating surface, such as an asphalt ramp with no queue at a barrier which would allow the charge to decay before the user makes contact with the ticket machine.

Anti-static installation

At Triflex we have had the technology to make anti-static coatings for over 30 years and have provided many clients with solutions to areas that were causing their customers electrostatic shocks. Triflex DeckFloor Anti-Static is a specialist conductive and grounded version of Triflex DeckFloor, with high levels of conductivity allowing static charges to dissipate to ground, eliminating shocks.

In addition to its conductive properties, the system is highly durable with exceptional levels of skid resistance and can help to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to the car park surface. With numerous successful installations all over the UK there is no reason for this common nuisance issue to not be avoided.

Triflex DeckFloor Anti-Static has been successful in solving the issue with static charge build-up encountered at Trinity Square Car Park and numerous other car parks, resulting in a significant improvement to the user experience.

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System overview

Triflex DeckFloor Anti-Static

Triflex DeckFloor Anti-Static is a specialist waterproofing and surfacing solution that dissipates the static charge generated by vehicles, helping to eliminate shocks at car park ticket machines.

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Trinity Square case study
Trinity square car park

Case study

The car park managers at Trinity Squary car park in Nottingham required a solution that would remove the static charge which was giving their clients static shocks when touching the ticket machine.

Authorised Contractor: Mulberry Roofing Supplies Ltd.

Trinity Square case study