Technical details

Triflex ProTect

Suitable for both new build and roof refurbishment where its compatibility with almost all existing substrates, including single ply, and its single process application become invaluable.

  • Dry film thickness c.a.2mm
  • System weight (excluding primer) c.a. 3.10Kg/m²

System build-up

Triflex ProTect system build-up

Primers (if required)

Cryl Primer 222

Triflex Cryl Primer 222

Primer for asphalt, bitumen, timber and other substrates.

Overcoat / traffic: 45 minutes
Consumption: 0.40Kg/m²

Cryl Primer 276

Cryl Primer 276

Primer for cementitious and other substrates.

Overcoat / traffic: 45 minutes
Consumption: 0.40Kg/m²

Primer 610

Primer 610

Primer for single-ply membranes, liquid coatings and coated metals.   

Overcoat / traffic: 20 minutes
Consumption: 0.06L/m² min.

Metal Primer

Metal Primers

Primer for metal substrates, also available as spray can.

Overcoat / traffic:
30 minutes using spray can
60 minutes using roller

Minimum 0.08 to 0.10 L/m²

Glass Primer

Glass Primer

Primer for glass substrates.

Overcoat / traffic: 20 minutes
Consumption: 0.05L/m² approx.


Reinforced waterproofing (single process)


Product ProTect summer 20Kg

Waterproofing resin used with Triflex 110g reinforcement.

Overcoat / traffic: 45 minutes
Consumption: 3.00Kg/m²

110g Reinforcement Fleece

Reinforcement fleece

Polyester fleece used with Triflex resins in Triflex fully and partially reinforced systems.

Resin colours

Triflex ProTect resin colours

Triflex ProTect is available in 4 standard resin colours.

For an enhanced range of over 50 colours why not take a look at Triflex ProTect with a coloured finish which allows the system to be tailored to meet aesthetic and project needs. Additionally, special colours can be produced to order.

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