111 Piccadilly

Car park refurbishment
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To accommodate the vast amount of visitors parking, 111 Piccadilly boasts an open, surface car park to the rear that straddles the Rochdale canal. The inspection identified that the existing macadam surfacing had degraded, through constant trafficking and exposure to the elements.
Authorised Contractor
Makers Construction Limited

The challenge

piccadilly 111 before

With access to Manchester’s largest transport hub, the Bruntwood’s owned 111 Piccadilly offers a variety of office suites within a modern, contemporary space. Formerly known as Rodwell Tower, the impressive 18-storey office space at 64m high is Manchester’s 16th tallest building. With neighbouring Manchester’s Piccadilly Railway Station, this newly-refurbished high-rise impressively links the pedestrian, railway commute and A6 carriageway together.

To accommodate visitor parking, 111 Piccadilly boasts an open, surface car park to the rear that straddles the Rochdale canal. As such, this remarkable structure is more akin to a bridge than a traditional ground bearing car park. Following the inspection in April 2015, it was identified that the existing and unusually thick macadam surfacing had substantially degraded, through constant trafficking and exposure to the elements, resulting in water ingress into the concrete deck. Usually to repair this would require the wholesale removal of the macadam coverings and any underlying waterproofing, causing considerable disruption and expense.

However, following extensive testing of the macadam substrate, Makers Construction Limited in conjunction with Triflex UK were engaged to carry out a full intrusive survey and recommend a solution.

The solution

piccaddilly after

The Triflex DeckFloor system was identified as the best value solution given its successful track record in the overlay of bituminous coverings such as paving mastic asphalt and macadam. With the ability to waterproof and surface both asphalt and concrete substrates, the heavy duty system incorporates a BBA and ETA certified reinforced waterproofing membrane for high risk areas and details, in combination with an exceptionally durable, waterproof wearing layer. Moreover, the totally cold applied system has a proven track record, supported with EN 1504-2 certification, ensuring security and peace of mind.

Following extensive testing, the deck surface was mechanically prepared prior to the application of the DeckFloor system in contrasting colours, including demarcation of pedestrian walkways.

With thanks to Makers Construction for the refurbishment and application of Triflex DeckFloor, the newly refurbished car park opened in October 2015.


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