New Triflex product data sheets are now available in the download centre

New Product Data

The following product data sheets are now available to download in the Triflex Download Centre:

Triflex Spray FastPrime - Spray applied primer used to improve adhesion of Triflex SA Vapour Control Layer, Triflex SA Carrier Membrane and other self-adhesive membranes.

Triflex ProMesh - A unique, high tensile strength fabric reinforcement used in the Triflex ProDeck car park system.

Triflex Stone Design S and R - Aggregate and resin used to create the surface variant Triflex Stone Design.

Triflex Liquid and Powdered Thixo (Stellmittel) -  Thickening / thixotropic agent for addition to Triflex products.

Triflex Bitumen Blocker - Primer for Triflex RoofTec only for bituminous substrates to eliminate bitumen staining/bleeds.

Triflex Catalyst - Powdered hardener for all Triflex PMMA products.

Triflex Cleaner (Reiniger) - Triflex Cleaner is used with Triflex products for substrate pre-treatment, degreasing metals and cleaning tools.

Triflex Metal Primer -  Primer for metal and other substrates.

Triflex Glass Primer -  Primer for glass substrates where adhesion cannot be achieved.

110g Reinforcement Fleece - Polyester fleece used with Triflex resins in Triflex fully and partially reinforced systems.

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