Systems that set the standard!

We’ve been making some changes for the better!

At Triflex we have been looking at ways of making our systems and their naming easier to understand. By making these changes our systems are now aligned with the names of the products they consist of. Many of our system names will remain the same, including Triflex ProTect, Triflex ProDetail and Triflex ProFibre but the abbreviated system names have now changed.

Roofing systems

Triflex roofing systems names have remained the same

Previous system name New system name
Triflex ProTect Triflex ProTect
Triflex ProThan Triflex ProThan
Triflex RoofTec Triflex RoofTec
Triflex ProDetail Triflex ProDetail
Triflex ProFibre Triflex ProFibre
Triflex Safety Coat Triflex SafetyCoat

Walkways, Balcony and Terrace systems

Previous system names New system names
Triflex BFS Triflex ProFloor
Triflex BTS-P Triflex ProTerra
Triflex BBS Triflex ProTerra Buried
Triflex BIS Triflex ProTerra Insulated
Triflex ProDrain Triflex ProDrain
Triflex TSS Triflex StairCoat
Triflex TTS-R Triflex StairCoat Reinforced

Car park systems

Previous system name New system name
Triflex ProPark HD Triflex ProPark
Triflex ProDeck Triflex ProDeck
Triflex DeckFloor Triflex DeckFloor
Triflex DCS-C Triflex DeckCoat
Triflex CPS-C+ Triflex DeckDefence Epoxy
Triflex CPS-C Rapid Triflex DeckDefence
Triflex AWS Triflex ProPark Service Deck
Triflex liquid applied waterproofing

We hope that by making these changes we have reduced any confusion between the systems and simplified the understanding of systems and their application areas.

But don't worry, we'll be sure to use both the old names in conjunction with the new names to make the transition as smooth as possible.