Supermarket car park refurbishment
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This multi-storey car park required a waterproofing and surfacing solution for all 3 levels of the Olympia car park. Areas of the car park revealed very deep wheel indentations, with 80mm of asphalt at the sides and as little as 15mm in the middle.
East Kilbride shopping centre
Authorised Contractor

The challenge

Olympia before

In September 2016, Triflex were approached to provide a waterproofing and surfacing solution for all 3 levels of Olympia car park, at the East Kilbride Shopping Centre in Scotland.

Triflex had been recommended to provide a solution after previously installing a system within the same centre that didn’t require the removal of the existing asphalt. Working alongside our Triflex Authorised Contractors, Volkerlaser, we carried out extensive on-site testing to establish the various requirements for each parking level.

The testing revealed that the current asphalt had failed in several locations resulting in very deep wheel indentations, with 80mm of asphalt at the sides and as little as 15mm in the middle. The existing substrate was so worn down in some areas that the aggregate underneath was beginning to show through. This could have potentially caused water ingress and damage to the Sainsbury’s store below. Ponding water, oil contamination and ruckling were also identified during the Triflex site survey.

The solution

Olympia After

After completing both the core testing and a full condition survey, our experienced Technical Team recommended that the existing substrate should not be removed. Removal of the existing substrate could potentially cause extensive water damage to the store below, which had to be avoided at all costs.

Thankfully, all Triflex systems are compatible with virtually all substrates, including asphalt, concrete and steel and have been proven in the most challenging of trafficked environments.

Initially, all wheel indentation damage had to be levelled. The solution identified to do this while providing a layer that’s tough and durable with an anti-skid finish is the EN1504-2 certified Triflex DeckFloor. This heavy duty system is both BBA and ETA certificated and is a partially reinforced waterproofing membrane for high trafficked areas and details in combination with an exceptionally durable, flexible, waterproof wearing layer.

After immediate repair work was completed, the Triflex ProPark HD System was installed for the 3600m² surface finish. Triflex ProPark HD is perfect for external car park decks that are over occupied premises and high risk decks that are subject to significant structural movement and associated cracking. This system has a proven track record in the UK and across Europe and offers a wide range of standard and bespoke colours and finishes, to suit all needs.

Triflex were the obvious choice given their expertise in overlaying poor quality asphalt. After extensive testing, it was agreed that following correct preparation of the existing asphalt the wheel indentations could be filled and levelled out prior to being overlaid with Triflex ProPark HD with zero disruption to the Sainsbury’s store below.

This project is one of many that has been undertaken at the shopping centre including; the service yard, Plaza car park and the ramps at Centre West, and in every case, they were successfully completed using Triflex systems and solutions.

-Susan Neilly, Car Park Manager


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