The Square shopping centre, Tallaght, Dublin

Refurbishment of failed existing coating
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The Square shopping centre in Tallaght, Dublin required a car park refurbishment after its failed 4,200m² existing coating system had begun delaminating from the substrate.
Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland
September 2019
Authorised Contractor
Advanced Flooring Systems

The challenge

Tallaght before

Following a Triflex Intelligent Roof Protection and Living Life Outside CPD which was delivered by Business Development Manager, Andrew Stewart at McGovern Surveyors in Dublin, the attendees queried the use of Triflex surfacing and protection systems on car parks.

A surveyor within the McGovern team had recently acquired a car park refurbishment project at The Square Shopping Centre in Tallaght, near to Dublin. Initially, the plan for the project was to replace the failed 4,200m² system with a 30mm thick asphalt system.

The existing liquid system had caused problems for many years, it was delaminating, cracked and badly worn. Leaving the client looking for an alternative solution to liquid waterproofing.

After discussing the project at length, it was clear there were a lot of obstacles that couldn’t be overcome by using an asphalt system:

  1. The asphalt would need to be applied at 50 mm thick, not 30 mm.
  2. The weight of the asphalt would make a significant impact on the structure.
  3. The finished floor level was designed for a liquid system, so applying 30 mm of asphalt would cause jointing problems at doorways.
  4. Hot works would be required and would need to be conducted in close proximity to the public – additionally the shopping centre has its own policy in place for hot works, and a licence for use would need to be obtained.

The surveyor believed that Triflex PMMA solutions may be the answer to the car parks issues, and found that our experience and extensive knowledge of waterproofing, surfacing and protecting car parks was invaluable. McGovern Surveyors decided to delay the tender package by a week and gave Triflex the opportunity to put forward proposal.

With the tight timescale, the Triflex Field Technicians were quick to respond and carried out a thorough on-site investigation, including core and peel adhesion tests. Following the results of the on-site survey a full bespoke specification proposal was provided in time for tender.

The solution

Tallaght after

Following the tender process, the feedback from the surveyor was that the Triflex price was significantly cheaper than any of the asphalt proposals, but more importantly, surpassed the areas of concern where asphalt faltered. And so, the client and surveyors specified Triflex and appointed Triflex Authorised Contractors, Advanced Flooring Systems to provide the solution at The Square Shopping Centre car park.

Prior to any system being installed, Advanced Flooring Systems carried out all prework and preparations to the decks to ensure the best possible bond would be achieved between the substrate and the Triflex system. Often, Triflex is the ideal solution to overlay existing failed liquid systems as it has the highest levels of compatibility. However, in this case the existing coating was in such poor condition that adhering to it would be pointless, and therefore, it would require removal of the existing liquid system before installation.

Once the failed system had been planed off and the substrate treated, installation works could begin. Cracks along the back of the beams were identified and, because cracking in the screed between the planks was so regular, our partially reinforced system, Triflex DeckFloor was specified to provide a reliable solution. 

Triflex DeckFloor is a heavy duty, flexible system. Utilising PMMA waterproofing technology and high tensile strength reinforcement in high risk areas. The system has been used for more than 20 years and has been proved to extend building life, exceed health and safety requirements and enhance aesthetics for maximum visual impact.

It was requested that the finished decks matched the original colours of the previous system, but the newly installed system has provided a new spring of life. Triflex Preco Line 300 and Triflex Cold Plastic were installed to provide robust and lasting demarcation for the bay lines and arrows.

“I would like to thank Triflex and their Field Technician Team for their continuous assistance during the installation. Their attention to detail, and constant monitoring of the ongoing works proved in-valuable during the project and has helped to achieve a quality end result and a happy client.”

-Michael Nolan
Breffni Building & Civil Eng. Ltd. T/A Breffni Group