Announcing Xlog


We are happy to announce the launch of our blog, Xlog.

Xlog is here to help highlight the many uses of liquid applied resins and to explain their benefits over traditional systems when providing waterproofing, surfacing or protection for the built environment.

With Xlog we aim to remove some of the mystique around liquid resins by speaking in plain terms about what they can do for you. Waterproofing technology has come a long way, and in recent years liquid applied resins have raced ahead to become one of the UK construction sectors fastest growing markets.

With Xlog you'll have no reason to be left behind, over the course of this year we will cover topics such as; a basic introduction to the different chemistries, the importance of testing in the specification process, the differing types of roof build-up and how liquids are ideal suited to them and much, much more.

But Xlog is about more than this. We want you to be involved, so if there is an aspect you would like to hear more about get in touch via Twitter, LinkedIn or email.

We are kicking it off with 'Weather independent liquid applied waterproofing' discussing some of the different chemistries and their benefits. Keep an eye out for the Xlog logo for all of the latest content.

Take a look