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10 reasons to choose a Triflex roofing system

Triflex 10


Roofs must withstand many extreme factors and forces. From extreme deck temperatures and powerful UV rays in summer to freezing temperatures, ice, hail and even gale force winds in winter. But it’s not just the weather that roofs have to contend with, there are other mechanical, thermal and chemical influences that can have a huge impact on a roofs performance.

With a Triflex roof waterproofing system, the entire surface and every roof detail is protected for the long term. Triflex stands for quality in all aspects of your project, from design and specification through to delivery and beyond.

Below are our 10 reasons to choose Triflex a roofing system, from reliability and ease of use, to durability and overall quality, these reasons are what set Triflex apart. Meet the Triflex 10.

  1. Seamless waterproofing without the risks of join, laps or seams including detailing to upstands, gutters, pipes, penetrations, joints, hatches, outlets, laps and seams and everything in between.
  2. No need for termination bars. Triflex systems are self-terminating, eliminating the cost and risk implications and leaving no opportunity for water to permeate behind the membrane.
  3. Total compatibility with practically every substrate, including; EPDM, single-ply, felt, asphalt, metal, glass and timber. In fact, we’ve tested and continue to test our compatibility on thousands of substrates (over 7,000 in fact).
  4. Fully tested and approved to the highest standards, including systems tested and approved to and by; BBA, ETAG 005, FLL, CE, EN 1504-2, EN ISO-11925-2, EN 13501-5, BS 476-3 (EXT.F.AA) and all from a ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certified manufacturer with a Gold mark from EcoVadis for our Corporate Social Responsibility in the manufacturing process.
  5. Safety at heart, solvent and isocyanate free and extremely low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds, >98% solids, LEED compliant).
  6. Ultra-fast curing, with systems that are rainproof in 30 minutes and traffickable in 45 minutes, even in temperatures down to -5°C (at details).
  7. Totally cold applied, with no need for hot works, heat guns, torches or hot boilers to be involved in the installation process.
  8. Resistant to weather influences such as hail, UV (ultraviolet light) and IR (infrared), chemical attack including from pollution and hydrolysis resistant, meaning it won’t break down when submerged in water, unlike many other waterproofing materials. In fact, our systems have been used to waterproof and protect blue roofs and even ponds.
  9. Root and rhizome resistant (approvals to the highest standards including FLL certification and BS EN 13948) making our systems the ideal waterproofing membrane for green roofs.
  10. Fire performance to the highest levels including BS 476-3 (EXT.F.AA), EN 13501-5: Class BROOF (t4) and EN 13501-1: Class E.
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Systems for roofs

Tried, tested, proven, safe

Thanks to the cold liquid applied application process of Triflex, our systems provide you with confidence that roofing works can be carried out safely, without any need for hot works. Additionally, with our exceptional substrate compatibility, tried and tested on over 7,000 substrates, you’ll have peace of mind that nearly any existing waterproofing membrane can be quickly, easily and reliably overlaid, in most cases removing the need for strip and replacement.

The ultimate overlay

Simple year-round application

Thanks to the unique PMMA chemistry used in many Triflex resins, there are virtually no circumstances under which Triflex cannot be utilised. With our unique formula and cold applied process, installation can be completed year-round, weather windows are maximised, and projects can be completed on budget and to schedule. All of this even in temperatures down to -5°C (for details).

Cold liquid applied resins

Exceptional quality

Fully tested, accredited and approved. Systems that are BBA certified to provide durable roof waterproofing with a service life in excess of 25 years, ETAG 005 certified with the highest classification in all criteria including W3 – 25 year durability and even EN 1504-2 certified to B4.2 (-20°C) dynamic crack bridging. Triflex PMMA resins are resistant to the effects of hydrolysis, root growth and radiant heat. Triflex offers you the certainty that our products and systems are capable of sustainably protecting roofs.

Approvals and certification

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