John F. Kennedy School

Flat roof waterproofing
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This project required the waterproofing and protection of a 1,200m² flat roof including all detailed areas at John F. Kennedy School in Beckton, East London. The current roof had previously been waterproofed using a traditional felt waterproofing system, which had begun to develop blisters.
Beckton, East London
June 2018
Authorised Contractor
Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd.

The challenge

The summer school holidays are the ideal time for education facilities to complete renovations and refurbishments. In August 2018, the John F Kennedy School in Beckton, East London, took full advantage of their school holiday by completing a 1,200m² roof refurbishment.

The roof had previously been waterproofed using a traditional felt waterproofing system, which over time had developed blisters and had delaminated at lap joints. This had allowed water to enter the classrooms below.

Felt waterproofing systems are a more traditional method of waterproofing and require the use of hot works for installation, which can pose a greater risk to the building and its occupants.

Considering these factors Triflex Authorised Contractors Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd. recommended that a cold liquid applied system be specified, posing no risk from hot works at all stages of the installation. The school outlined that the solution must be as cost effective as possible and would need to be completed within a 2-week time frame.

The solution

Weatherproofing Advisors Ltd. felt that Triflex was the ideal solution and should be specified for this project due to both the reliability of the systems and their trust in the products and systems.

Prior to installation, it was necessary to cut out all blisters, level and repair the areas with Triflex Cryl Paste. Thankfully, due to the exceptionally dry weather during the summer any exposed areas of the roof that had previously been prone to leaks had thoroughly dried out. This allowed for the areas to be primed and the substrate to be directly overlaid.

Triflex ProTect and Triflex ProDetail were specified providing a tough, durable and seamless waterproofing solution to the entire roof area and details, including pipes and penetrations. Both systems are highly compatible with virtually all roofing substrates, making them ideal for overlay, and allowing the system to be installed quickly. This removes the costs of removal and minimises waste, providing significant cost savings.

Being cold applied, rapid curing and installed by expert Authorised Installers allowed the installation to be completed well within the required time frame. And, will protect this school roof for years to come.

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