Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus

5 star balcony and walkway refurbishment
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Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus

The icon of the Scheveningen Boulevard, Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus contains 265 rooms, a restaurant, spa & beauty centre, terrace and 10 banquet and meeting rooms and proudly carries 5 stars. The Kurhaus dates from 1818, but despite ongoing maintenance, the balcony and walkway waterproofing system had reached the end of its serviceable life. Both the appearance and practicality of using it lacked the high quality the hotel strives to achieve. However, thanks to Triflex waterproofing and surfacing systems the balconies and walkways have been restored to their former glory.
Scheveningen, The Netherlands
March 2018
Authorised Contractor
Tissink Specialistische Afdichtingen BV

The challenge

The existing membrane had reached the end of its life, especially at the details where the membrane was split and delaminated. Additionally, the aesthetic appearance was not to the standard that the Hotel likes to provide to its clients.

The walkway finish had also become warn with the anti-slip properties deteriorating so much in places that it was smooth, bringing a extreme risk of slipping. The challenge was clear, create a first-class appearance and at the same time ensure that the balconies and walkways were safe for all to use.


The solution

The initial brief from Kurhaus was to overlay the existing system with a new system. However, after extensive on-site survey, it became clear that it was not advisable to overlay the old membrane. All parties involved (Triflex Authorised Contracting Partner Tissink Waterproofing Specialists, Adviesburo Dakbestek B.V. and contractor Dakbedekkingsbedrijf Boko B.V.) met and concluded that the existing waterproofing and surfacing membrane would need to be removed, including the saturated cement substrate.

The balconies and walkways are located on the top floor of the hotel. They therefore also serve as a roof for the underlying occupied spaces. To protect those spaces it was important to install a reliable insulated waterproofing and surfacing membrane. The Triflex ProTerra Buried system utilising Aquapanel cement boards was chosen.

The Aquapanel impact resistant substrate consists of a cement-bonded mineral board with a transverse groove. The system is also fire-retardant and would only product low smoke in the event of fire. The system meets the requirements for escape routes on balconies and walkways, ensuring guests can leave their rooms safely in the event of an emergency.

The vapor control layer and the insulation were bonded to the substrate. The Aquapanel boards were then adhered to the insulation and primed with Triflex Cryl Primer 276 to ensure guaranteed adhesion for the subsequent waterproofing system.

The waterproofing and surfacing aspect of Triflex ProTerra is totally cold liquid applied, and details are seamlessly and durably sealed as well as the main areas. In this way, moisture and chemicals have no chance of penetrating the surface and damaging the underlying substrate.

To match the appearance of the finished surface with the aesthetic of the Kurhaus, the system was installed with a Quartz Design finish in black. Quartz Design provides an exceptionally high anti-skid properties, providing a safe surface for the guests to traffic even in wet weather.

Because it was a large hotel which had to remain operational and occupied, the works had to be completed quickly. But thanks to the benefits of Triflex it proved to be no problem at all. Triflex systems provide ultra-rapid curing times, being ready to be overcoated with subsequent layers or trafficked in as little as one hour.



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