Metal roof waterproofing
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This project required the waterproofing and protection of a 2,000m² metal roof including all side laps, end laps, gutters and details at the Ipswich Mail Centre, the current metal roof had begun to show signs or corrosion and delamination.
Ransomes Europark, Ipswich
Authorised Contractor
Sureweld and Roof Ltd.

The challenge


In May 2017, Triflex were invited to provide a project specification in support of Triflex Authorised Contractors, Sureweld and Roof Ltd. The project required the waterproofing and protection of a 2,000m² metal roof including all, end laps, side laps, gutters and details at the Ipswich Mail Centre.

The building owner had stated that he was unsure which method of refurbishment would be the most cost-effective; either recoating the existing roof, or replacing the current corrugated metal roof sheets. It was important that whatever the solution, it would guarantee durable and long-standing protection for the roof.

The current roof featured corrugated metal sheets which were coated by a plastic (PVC) plasticol. PVC plasticol coatings on metal sheets degrade after long-term exposure to UV light and eventually become thin and brittle, developing hairline splits and cracks which can allow rainwater to attack the exposed metal.

Corrosion usually starts on metal roofs at the guillotined edge where the metal has been cut to length, leaving a section of uncoated metal exposed at the end. As this cut edge corrodes over time, the original PVC coatings peels off, and corrosion steadily progresses across the metal sheet leading to perforations and failure.

Early stages of delamination and corrosion were apparent on the roof and if left unresolved, could spread and allow water to ingress. Metal gutters, roof lights and other detailed areas also required treatment to prevent water ingress.

The Triflex Technical Team recommended that if a solution was to be installed, it should have anti-corrosion properties to prevent further progressive corrosion to the corrugated metal roof.

The solution

Parcelforce after

With the total cost of treating cut edge corrosion and applying a new protective coating to the roof being a fraction of the cost of installing a new metal roof, Triflex systems were chosen to not only save money but significant disruption and time.

Triflex ProDetail was specified to provide the reinforced waterproofing solution to laps, details and gutters, with Triflex Cryl Finish 205 as the coating to the entire roof area. Both product were used with Triflex Metal Primer, ensuring the best possible adhesion to the substrate and to achieve anti-corrosion properties to the exposed metal. Triflex ProDetail and Triflex Cryl Finish 205 assist with speed of application, being rainproof after 30 minutes and fully cured in 45 minutes, allowing even the shortest of weather windows to be maximised.

Triflex ProDetail made easy work of all metal laps, joints, roof lights, penetrations and gutters, ensuring that a tight seal to and around the detailed areas was achieved. By lining the gutter with hydrolosis resistant Triflex ProDetail, the system ensures that if any standing water is present, it will not degrade the waterproofing.


Case study
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